Watch Knox Grow // Two Months

Knox 2 months2 month Collage

I cannot even believe our little dude is two months old!! I don’t know about most 2 month olds, but it feels like Knox has already done a lot in 2 short months:

  • He moved to a new state.
  • He moved out of Mimi’s and into his first home.
  • He officially became a “staff kid,” since Stuart and I completed raising our initial support with Athletes in Action. 
  • He took his first trip to Ikea, where he proceeded to have not one, not two, but THREE blow outs, getting poop all over himself, his carseat and ME. (Thank goodness I was wearing black…) 
  • He started smiling “socially,” or what I call “on purpose.” (totally MELTING my heart…)

Knox Smile

  • He started coo-ing, and doing this little laugh (not quite a giggle yet) when he smiles really hard. 
  • He started LOVING his activity mat, and smiling and laughing at the musical star and rattle puppy. 

Knox Activity Mat

  • He outgrew his newborn clothes and is officially in 3 month outfits. (Some of which are even getting snug! Slow down!!)
  • He “discovered” his tongue, and sticks it in and out all day…luckily I caught him on camera :)

Knox tongue

  • He transitioned into his own room AND his crib. (And I may or may not have cried the first night he wasn’t in our room anymore…) It took a few days, and some nights we still have to work on it, but he’s sleeping like a champ! (thanks in part to my amazing sister-in-law, Annie, who basically walked me through getting him to sleep well step-by-step, and answered my 52 million questions on the matter.)

Knox Crib

2nd Month Stats: 

  • Weight: 13 lbs 2 oz (75th percentile) up 1 lb 13 oz from last month.
  • Height: 23 1/4 inches (52nd percentile) up 2 inches from last month.

Stuart and I are SO incredibly in love with this amazing little boy…I never knew my heart could grow so big without exploding! He brings more joy and happiness into our lives than I knew existed! I feel so incredibly blessed to be his Mommy, and I thank God for him daily. Thanks to everyone who has loved on him in person or online…we feel very lucky to have so many people love him so much!

Past monthly updates: 

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