It’s been real.

This past week we were incredibly blessed to have the use of our friends’ beach house in Ocean City, NJ. It was the perfect first anniversary mini getaway! We took every advantage we could, but also spent lots of time relaxing and simply enjoying being together. Some of the things we made sure to do were:

  • Go to the beach! (Duh.)
  • Celebrate our first anniversary. Stuart surprised me with gorgeous roses, and my FAVORITE Wawa coffee. He is my hero. (We also got to eat a fresh “top layer” of our wedding cake…good thing because I didn’t eat any at our actual wedding!)
  • Eat good food!! We went to Mack & Manco’s (I refuse to call it by it’s new name…) twice, and it really is the best. And for our anniversary dinner I ordered surf + turf and it was amaaaaazing.
  • Have fun, hang out with Stella, relax and LAUGH. Those are some of my very favorite things (cue Julie Andrews…)

And now it’s time to go home. But we really are excited to jump into full-time fundraising for our ministry with Athletes in Action.

Good-bye paradise, it’s been real.