Baby Grand is Growing + September Goals

22 Weeks

Well, I think I’ve officially entered into the stage of looking for sure pregnant…as opposed to maybe pregnant or maybe just chubby. It’s still a weird kind of mental switch to change the thought of a growing mid-section to being a good thing, instead of a sign of needing to diet ASAP. But thankfully, those intensifying kicks remind me that as my tummy grows, so does a lil babe inside! 

There’s not a ton new to report about Baby Grand this week…other than his/her kicks and movements are definitely growing stronger than ever! A couple nights ago, Stuart had his head resting on my belly, listening to Baby G, and he got kicked right in the face! It’ll probably be the only kick in the face he receives that makes him smile :) But here are some other quick updates:

  • Baby G weighs almost a whole pound! Crazy to think that he/she still has to grow about 7x…in just 18 weeks!
  • Baby G is almost a whole foot long! (Is it sad that that made me think that he/she is almost as long as a Subway sandwich?) ;)
  • Baby G is sleeping in cycles now…about 12-14 hours at a time. (And boy does baby let Mommy know when he/she ISN’T sleeping!!) :)
  • His/her kicks are helping baby’s coordination and motor skills grow.

That’s it for this week! Now onto some fun goals I have planned for this month!


I haven’t done monthly goals in a while, because being pregnant kind of threw my life for a loop. But I love the idea of being intentional about things to do each  month, so I’m going to start them up again, but keep them simple. 

  1. Go for more walks. Stuart and I have been taking advantage of some oddly cool days in the past few weeks by going on walks in Valley Forge. It’s been so good for us to just get out of the house and clear our heads. Sometimes we bring Stell, other times, we just get out the two of us and focus on being together while enjoying one of our favorite parks. I know walking is really good for pregnant women, so I hope to keep this up as long as possible to keep Baby G as healthy as can be!
  2. Blog 2-3x a week. I’ve been somewhat slacking on blogging recently. At first I was pretty hard on myself, but quickly realized I needed to give myself grace. I’m realizing that some things about having a baby will change certain aspects of my life and I can’t always control that. But blogging really is something I enjoy immensely, so until Baby G enters and completely upstages all my time, I want to keep doing something I love!
  3. Wake up 30-60 minutes earlier. Sleep is definitely something I hold onto with a tight fist, and I think even idolize. I LOVE sleep, and I know it’s about to be something that drastically changes. I’ve never been a morning person, but I want to get to a point where I can be disciplined with my sleep and not allow it to control my mornings. 
  4. Spend daily time with God. This goes hand-in-hand with #3. There are days when I have plenty of time to spend with God, and other days when if I don’t get it into my morning, the rest of my day flies by and by the time I flop into bed, I realize I haven’t done something that I NEED daily. I know having a baby will also really affect the time I have to spend with God, so I want to make sure to set a strong foundation for daily time with Jesus. 
  5. Read more books. I told Stuart the other day that I was actually looking forward to football season. And if you know me, you’d probably look at me with the same incredibly surprised face that he did. But then I went onto explain: because it gives me lots of time to read! Sometimes when we want to watch different things, we just watch them separately. But lots of times I like to curl up next to my favorite sports nut and just be with him. But I’m not a big enough football fan to love watching it as much as he does…so instead of spending lots of time doing separate things, I just pick up a book and read while he watches! Bring on Sunday and Monday nights :)

That’s about it! What are your September goals?? I’d love to hear!