April Goals.

Yesterday I woke up to Stuart reminding me that it was April Fools Day, just incase I read/saw/heard anything strange or out of the ordinary. (I tend to be slightly gullible at times…) But I still totally fell for a fake post by a Disney World site saying that Cinderella’s Castle was being redone to be “Elsa’s Ice Castle.” I was all hot and bothered and on my way to full blown outrage when Stuart pointed out that it was most likely an April Fools joke. Oops.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April. It seems like March literally FLEW by! Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’ve been really enjoying spending time outside. Stuart even hung a clothesline in our backyard for me to dry Knox’s diapers on! (Which you may have seen already, on Facebook or Instagram…but Stella and those diapers are just too cute, so why not share again?)

cloth diapers

March goal recap:

If you remember from last month, my goal was simple: give up Facebook for the entire month. And to be honest, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I went through a slight “detox” the first week, and found myself reaching for my phone to check Facebook when I was bored or during nap time, but after a few days I enjoyed having one less distraction to deal with. (I’m back on now, but mostly I want it to be a place where I can post about my blog, and keep family and friends updated on Knox.)

So all in all, it was a great goal, and one I really valued. Facebook can be a black hole time-waster, and I realized that spending my time reading about other people’s lives isn’t nearly as important or interesting as living my own life. The occasional perusal is ok, I do appreciate being able to keep up with friends I wouldn’t otherwise keep in touch with, but I want to be intentional with my spare time, now that it’s definitely more sparse! Now for April…

April Goal(s)

To soak up this gorgeous spring season, I wanted my April goals to be focused around doing things that will keep me from staying couped up indoors, and instead spend as much time outside as possible. Also focusing on things that will better my health, and my life in general.

april goals 

My biggest goal for the month of April, is to give up TV. Yep, you read that right. Ok, but not completely. Let me explain… I’m simply going to give up watching TV during the day, during the week. (AKA during nap time.) I’ll still watch it at night with Stuart…we’re on season 8 of Friends on Netflix, and I couldn’t possibly make him wait a whole month to see how the on-again-off-again Ross + Rachel thing ends! ;) And weekends…I mean, a girl’s gotta be able to veg sometime.

But you guys, this is gonna be tough. TV is totally my “turn-off-my-brain-cause-I’m-exhausted-and-don’t-want-to-do-anything-during-naptime” habit. I love to read, but when nap time rolls around, watching TV is eaiser than reading. I love blogging, but the TV isn’t something I have to think about. However, TV has also become a way for me to waste my days away. Now that I’m out of the sleepless newborn trenches, (at least for the most part…) I can handle doing more during nap time if I force myself to do the things I love and want to get done. And I think getting rid of this monumental distraction will be a HUGE help. So I’m doin it. 

Since I won’t be spending nap time in front of the TV, I want to spend more time doing the following 5 things I love that will also better myself.   

1. Going on more walks with Knox (and Stell, of course!)

From early on, Knox has not a big fan of his carseat, so I’ve slowly entered the rather large world of baby wearing. (Who knew there were SO many options, SO many opinions, and SO many people willing to spend hundreds of dollars on just one wrap?! I sure didn’t.) Anyway, there’s a ton out there, and it’s fun to explore! And unlike being in his car seat, Knox loves being worn…and I’m not gonna lie, I love going for walks while having him close enough to smother with kisses :) 

Ring sling

2 + 3. Kick start a legit and consistent exercise routine + cut out sugar!

I wanted to kick start an exercise routine and healthier diet last month…but then one evening, Stuart came home with Girl Scout cookies, and it was just all downhill from there. (I know, BAD excuse, but I’m just being honest.) I have a habit of saying, “Ok, I need to get healthy, I’m gonna go all in and cut out everything except asparagus and kale!” (Ok, maybe not that extreme…especially since I hate kale.) But then it gets so overwhelming to keep up with such a strict diet, and I give up, ending up back where I started. So for this month, I’m gonna start simple: no more sugar. (Except maybe on Easter, because we all know it’s not Easter without a chocolate bunny…) 

And secondly, to be honest, I’m not the best with time management, so now having to plan work outs during and around nap time has been somewhat of a challenge for me. (Especially since Knox’s nap times aren’t at the same time everyday.) Usually, by the time I’m actually dressed and ready to work out, Knox wakes up. So this is going to take more planning, and more intentionality. But hello, summer is coming. And summer means swimsuit season, yikes. Time to kick it into gear. 

4. Spend more time reading

Let me start off by saying, I’m pretty sure this is a goal every month, so hopefully this month I can actually be successful and get back together with one of my loves. 

I have a million and one books I want to read (and a million and one books on my bookshelf that I have yet to read) so there’s just no excuse. (Other than the whole baby thing…) So I picked out a few books I want to attempt to read this month, most of which I’ve already started but haven’t finished. (Including Jane Eyre, which I started YEARS ago…I just threw that one in there since it’s been so long, and I just need to finish it.) My goal is to finish at least TWO!


5. Spend more time with God

This one is pretty self-explanatory…but ever since a little person started taking up all my time and energy, my prayer and Bible reading basically flew out the window. And you know what I realized? I miss Jesus. And it’s no one’s fault except mine! He’s there. Always available to me. Whenever, wherever. I’m the one who’s rushing by, saying “sorry God, TV is easier.” Or, “I’m just too tired to read my Bible…maybe tomorrow.” But it doesn’t happen.

So what better time to get back into the best book ever written, than when the main event is being celebrated all over the globe? Jesus deserves better than, “I’m too tired.” And when I remember what we will be celebrating this weekend – his incredible sacrifice and horrific death on a cross that should have been my fate, followed by his defeat of death, enabling me to have the hope of eternal life spent with him – I can’t help but remember that my relationship with him is far too important for excuses. 


I know those are somewhat aggressive goals, but they’re all things I want to have in my everyday life. I’m going to try my best to be intentional about the things I do during nap time, while at the same time giving myself grace to simply rest when I need to. I’ll let you know how things are going along the way!


                         xoxo jenn