A Different Kind of March Madness.

I do realize that by using the phrase “March Madness” in the name of this post, it may give the impression that it has something to do with basketball or sports in general. It doesn’t, sorry. It’s actually about something I have decided to do for the month of March, that may seem like madness to some people (including me! Ha!) 

march madness

I’m quitting Facebook. 

Yep, you read that right. I’m quitting Facebook. Cold turkey. 

I’ve recently realized that I have become addicted to it. There are so many social media outlets, but Facebook seems to be the one that takes up the most time. I actually like Instagram more, but with Facebook, there are so many rabbit trails, you can end up spending hours “stalking,” and not even realizing all the time you’ve wasted. 

Now that I’m in the sleep-deprived world of motherhood, I’ve found it all too easy to just turn off my mind by scrolling through Facebook during nap time, rather than actually do something that takes effort and intentionality. But that’s not living. Not really.

Sometimes motherhood can feel like the same thing on repeat, all day, everyday. It becomes easy to lose your identity outside of “mommy,” in the midst of endless feedings, diaper changes and bouncing baby to sleep. But I’m not just mommy, I’m still Jenn: wife, daughter, sister, friend, AIA staff member, writer, encourager, listener. 

I just began reading “Make it Happen” by Lara Casey, and even within the first few pages, I already feel excited and empowered to really make the most of even the little spare time I have while Knox is not attached to my hip or any other body part. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I really do think Facebook is great! It enables us to keep in touch with old friends that we might not see or talk to otherwise. It helps keep us up to date with birthdays and events (and the newest video to go viral…). It gives me a platform to promote my blog, and keeps long distance family and friends updated on Knox, our life and our ministry. But it can also be an easy way to keep friendships shallow, and lose the intentionality of real, authentic friendships. Of actual phone calls. Of sending a letter in the mail that was actually handwritten (people still do that?!) 

So for the month of March, I’m saying bye bye Facebook. I’m going to stop spending nap time scrolling through my newsfeed, watching what other people are doing with their lives. And instead, I’m going to actually DO something with mine! I want to finish reading Make it Happen, and maybe even read another book or two (the sky’s the limit!). I want to focus on getting back in shape after giving birth (hopefully the weather will get nice so Knox and I can go for walks!). I want to continue to grow into the woman that God is creating me to be, the writer I strive to be, and the mother Knox deserves. 

I’m going to keep posting on my Instagram, because it is a way to share Knox with long-distance friends and family, and I honestly think my Instagram community is one that’s more authentic and vulnerable. I’m also still going to be writing blog posts, so hopefully people will still read them without being informed through Facebook that there’s a new post! Without all that time wasted on Facebook, who knows, maybe I’ll write a post a week! Just dreaming big here, friends ;) 

If you only connect with me on Facebook, see you on the flip side! Here goes!

          xoxo jenn