Watch Knox Grow // 9 months

9 months

9 month collage

[Ummmm it’s definitely getting harder to get these monthly pictures…above is the progression that took place about 849302843902 times before we got one we could use. And I emphasize that we got ONE that we could use.]

9 months. Knox has officially been outside the womb longer than he was inside. Pregnancy seemed to encompass years, while the past 9 months have felt like ONE.

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Lullabies are supposed to be sweet…


So, as a mom, I sing LOTS and LOTS of lullabies + kids songs. When Knox gets fussy or upset in the car, sometimes he’ll quiet down to the good ole tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” 

As I attempted to expand my vocal options, I realized that some of the most well-known lullabies are actually quite awful. “You Are My Sunshine” is horribly depressing, especially the verses no one really knows.

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First Focus // September


Goals. They’re great. They really are. They help us aim for something, work for something, and feel accomplished.

However, sometimes I can aim too high, or life gets uber busy, or let’s face it, I just don’t get to it. 

So this  month, instead of monthly goals, I’m sharing some of the thing I’ve been focusing on lately. I don’t know why, but this perspective feels more like an enjoyable journey, instead of the destination of success or failure. 

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