Baby Grand is Growing // 25 Weeks

25 Weeks

25 weeks, friends. 25!! That means only 15 to go! INSANITY. Every week that passes by, I just can’t believe how close it’s getting to meeting this little person! (And then I precede to get super nervous about labor, birth and actually having to care for the entire life of another person…) But none the less, I’m so excited and feeling so blessed to have this little life inside of me. 

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Two years ago I became the luckiest girl ever when this stud became my husband:

Stud Husband

And from that day forward life has been a RIDE. The absolute best ride of my life. Marriage is definitely not easy, but it’s so worth the hard times and challenges you face because you have someone who’s always willing to fight for you. I can be pretty darn stubborn at times, and Stuart has learned the best way to push when he needs to, and give me space when I need some.

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Influence Conference // Meet + Greet

Next week I’ll be heading back to one of my most favorite cities, Indianapolis, to attend The Influence Conference. Ever since I heard about this conference a few years ago, I have wanted to attend! Especially after launching my blog last year, I felt this conference would be even more beneficial for me. The conference and The Influence Network, is all about “making your online presence mean something.”

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My friend Natasha recently introduced me to this fun link-up from A Mama Collective. I used to wonder how to find other blogs to follow that I would really enjoy, and have realized link-ups are definitely a great way to find awesome blogs! This link-up is basically about what’s currently going on in life, anything that’s on your mind…almost as if we’re on a coffee date chatting about life!

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#lifewithoutfilters // weariness


This month marks the one year “anniversary” of Stuart and me beginning our journey of raising support together. This time last year, Stuart had just quit his 9-5 investment job, and we were moving out of our beloved Columbus townhouse to embark on an unknown length of time of nomad life. When we began our journey 12 months ago, we both anticipated the time it would take us being a lot less than where we are now.

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Baby Grand is Growing // 23 Weeks

23 Weeks

You guys, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I feel like I post a weekly baby post like every day. Not that I mind thought, cause I’m already SO ready to meet this little person!! 

This week is a milestone for Baby, because he/she is FINALLY an entire pound in weight! Crazy to think how much Baby still has to gain, but I feel like hitting 1 lb is kind of a big deal.

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Baby Grand is Growing + September Goals

22 Weeks

Well, I think I’ve officially entered into the stage of looking for sure pregnant…as opposed to maybe pregnant or maybe just chubby. It’s still a weird kind of mental switch to change the thought of a growing mid-section to being a good thing, instead of a sign of needing to diet ASAP. But thankfully, those intensifying kicks remind me that as my tummy grows, so does a lil babe inside! 

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