Baby Grand is Growing // Week 21

Week 21

So far, this week has definitely been less “exciting” than last week…but I’m definitely not complaining! It’s been relaxing, restful and spent feeling my lil babe’s increasingly stronger kicks. One of the highlights was definitely going to my friend Sarah’s baby shower…especially when we hugged hello and our bellies bumped! She’s due in October and I’m so excited to have little baby friends with her! 

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Baby Grand is Growing…Week 20.

Week 20

I cannot believe this week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy!! During the first trimester, when I was feeling so nauseous, it felt like each day lasted a whole month. But now it seems like I’ve blinked and I’m already half way through! Crazy.

I had planned on posting this on Monday, the first day of Week 20…I even had it all written up and everything.

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Dear 18 year old Jenn.

HS Graduation

Seeing all the Facebook posts about college kids heading back to school (or heading there for the first time) has made me reminisce that transitionary summer in my own life 10 whole years ago.  So in lieu of it being the year of my 10 year reunion, I thought I’d come up with a list of 10 things I’d tell my 18 year old self knowing what I know now.

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Baby Grand is Growing…Week 19.

19 Weeks

Our little love is 19 weeks “old” today! I wanted to start sharing some updates about Baby Grand, and what I’ve been learning through the process of learning how he/she is growing. 

  • Baby G is the size of a grapefruit- about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches long. 
  • He/she is practicing how to grasp things with his/her hands. 
  • His/her hearing is strong enough now that they can hear sounds outside of the womb. 
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Plain Faith…an Amish Book Review.

Plain Faith

I grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania, which is really close to Lancaster, a fairly large Amish community. In addition, for the past 6 months, I lived in Bluffton, Indiana, which is also really close to an amish community. So when I saw the preview for Plain Faith, I was immediately drawn in. Since I’ve lived near communities of Amish so much of my life, I wanted to read a story from an Amish person’s point of view.

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