The Prodigal: A Ragamuffin Story.

The ProdigalJack Chisholm is “the people’s pastor,” who leads a huge megachurch with the famous slogan, “we have got to do better.” He knows how to preach about “doing,” but he knows nothing about grace. When all of the sudden he wakes up from a night of multiple mistakes caught on tape, he looses not only his powerful and famed position of pastor, but his wife and daughter as well. 

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I Love You Mom!


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And although I sent my mom a card, wrote a little quirky post on Facebook, changed my profile picture like the rest of the world and talked to her on the phone, I still don’t feel like I was able to portray just how thankful I am for my mom. 


I’m going to be 28 next month, and I’m not shamed to admit there are still times when I just want my mom.

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Five Things Friday.


Today is brought to you by another 5 Things Friday post! Just 5 fun, sometimes random things going on in my life lately. 

  1. This video has been BLOWING up Facebook…and for good reason. It’s basically about “looking up” at the world around you, instead of keeping your face burrowed in your phone, computer, iPad, tablet, etc. I definitely think that social media is a great thing, but I agree with the premise of the video, that social media has definitely taken a piece of our lives away from us: true relationships.
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