Black Thanksgiving.

I recently heard about how some stores are opening their doors around dinner time on Thanksgiving. This made me really mad, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I read blogger Matt Walsh‘s very blunt and honest outrage about this insanity, and it made me want to express my own thoughts. (Probably not as blunt as him, only because I don’t want people to hate me.)

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Give Good Gifts.

Have you ever gotten to this time of year and just dreaded having to figure out what gift to buy for the people in your life? You can always just ask your family what they want straight up, but there is still something fun about having some surprises under the tree.

Enter The Gift Coach. My friends Joel and Elise created The Gift Coach for people who want to “give good gifts.”

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Life Lately.

My last few blog posts have been really deep, personal parts of my life right now, which I have LOVED sharing with all of you. But today I just felt like something a little more light and fluffy was in order! So today I’m going to share some ramblings about life lately!

  • Stuart and I have recently been getting into White Collar and I am loving it.
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Mountains and Mustard Seeds.

“God, please increase my faith.”

You know, I really should’ve had a better idea of what this prayer would bring. After all, I’ve been a Christian since I was 5. I said it a few months ago, before Stuart and I started raising support. And I had the worst attitude. A few days before I said this prayer, I was telling (or better described: complaining to) a friend how it felt like God always provided in huge ways for everyone else, but not for me.

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Learning from the Oldies.

Stuart and I have been living as “nomads” for almost two months now. He quit his job in September so we could focus our full attention on fundraising. (Which will hopefully mean we’ll raise it faster, and be able to get on campus quicker.) However, the downside is that it also means we’re making about enough money to just feed ourselves and fill up our car.

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Never Say Never.

Ok, be honest. When you saw the name of my blog post (before you saw the picture) the Justin Bieber song totally popped into your head… It’s ok, it popped into mine too.

Well, never saying never is a lesson I should’ve learned long before the Biebs ever made the term famous. But unfortunately, I’m just now realizing what the implications are of saying never to God.

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November: My Grand Art.

Art. When I think of art and being an artist, the first things to come to mind are painters, musicians, photographers and dancers. The funny thing is that I used to be both a musician and dancer. I used to play the flute, back when my arms weren’t even long enough for a full-length flute, so I had to use one that was “J” shaped.

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