I. Love. Fall.

Fall is my FAVORITE. And in my opinion, you really can’t get a more perfect place to enjoy fall than in Chester County, PA. Lucky for us, we’re going to be in Chester County for a couple months this fall. We kicked the season off well this weekend, by going apple picking with some friends. Besides the yummy apples, the orchard we went to has the most amazing apple cider donuts, and if there were any left from the six we bought, I’d include a picture…

Some other things I love about fall are:

  • sitting in my mom’s screened in porch at night in sweats, reading a good book.
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It’s been real.

This past week we were incredibly blessed to have the use of our friends’ beach house in Ocean City, NJ. It was the perfect first anniversary mini getaway! We took every advantage we could, but also spent lots of time relaxing and simply enjoying being together. Some of the things we made sure to do were:

  • Go to the beach! (Duh.)
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Fish Status.

Have you ever had moments in your life when you can hear or feel God telling you to do something, but all you want to do is turn in the opposite direction and run as fast as you can?

Yeah, me too.

Most recently I experienced this feeling when we received news of our first placement with Athletes in Action.

We got the call about two weeks ago that the allocation team had placed us in Dayton, OH, where the team serves 7 college campuses.

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One year ago today I became Mrs. Stuart Grandlienard. It was by far the best day of my life, and for those who know me well, it wasn’t simply because it was a whole day all about me! (Although it was definitely fun feeling as close to a Princess as I probably ever will for a day.) It was so special to have so many of our friends and family all in one room to see us become husband and wife, then to dance the night away with us afterwards!

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A Daring Adventure.

The morning I launched this blog from the Orlando airport, I came home to the sweetest, “Welcome to the Blogging World” care package from my friend Elise. It was complete with snazzy pens and a little matching notebook, giant paper clips “just for fun,” a gorgeous scarf – because, “bloggers wear scarves” (um, why didn’t I become a blogger years ago?!)

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Too Many Friends.

I used to think you could have too many friends. But with every life change (joining staff with Cru, moving to Indianapolis, moving to Columbus, switching ministries within Cru) I keep realizing my heart is bigger than I know.

Some of my best friends to this day are girls I’ve known since elementary school. And I had bucked teeth in elementary school, so I’m really lucky they even wanted to be my friend to begin with.

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I don’t know why but I am super nervous about making my blog live. I’ve been working on it for a while, but sharing it with the “world” makes it more real and not just my own personal ramblings.

I have no clue how many people will actually read my blog, but I’m excited to have a space to share my thoughts, experiences and passions with anyone who’s interested!

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Sometimes life goes in unexpected directions. In those moments, I’ve found that I face 2 choices:

  • Stress
  • Peace

I’ve recently experienced both stress followed peace regarding a difficult situation, and I definitely want to find a way to skip over the whole stress part and jump right to peace! Although not always right away, in times like this, I turned to God.

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A Walk Across the Sun.

I’ve recently been reading a ton. I think mainly because we’ve been traveling a lot, and since you have to turn off all electronics while flying it makes sense to me to bring along a good book. But that’s really just an excuse because I’m a huge not-so-secret book nerd.

About a month ago I read the book, “A Walk Across the Sun.”

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I’ve realized lately that I need to accept that my life is most likely going to be constantly in a state of change. In the past 2 years I have changed:

  • the state I live in 2 times
  • homes 5 times
  • jobs 2 times
  • my marital status
  • my last name (yea it kind of goes with the one above, but it still felt like a big deal so I think it can be separate…)

And the changes aren’t stopping yet!

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