20 Thoughts that go through your mind during a 20 week pregnancy ultrasound

Last week Stuart and I had our big 20 week ultrasound for baby #2! I already shared about some emotions that occur during pregnancy, but that’s only part of it! There are so many thoughts running through your mind during that quick 30 minutes, and I thought I’d share some with you! 

  1. Good thing this is my husband sitting next to me, cause she wants me to roll my pants down pretty darn low. 
  2. Geez that gel stuff is freezing. How long have they been doing this? You’d think they’d find a way to keep it warm. 
  3. Woah there really is a baby in there! Glad I’m not just getting fat!
  4. And it’s moving! I wonder if I’ve felt it or if it’s just been gas. Probably just gas.
  5. Aw there’s it’s profile! This baby is going to be pretty cute.
  6. Ahh that’s the face from the front?! It looks like a halloween decoration!
  7. 2 arms, 2 legs. Thank goodness. Can’t really see the individual toes, guess I’ll have to wait 20 more weeks to count those.
  8. How the heck does this woman know what all these body parts are??
  9. Oh that’s the kidneys? Yep, of course I can see those! [cue Rachel Green’s ultrasound scene from Friends…]
  10. The baby just moved from sideways to diagonal? I guess that’s why I feel and look so huge…my body is just giving baby extra room to do gymnastics in there. If it’s a girl maybe she’ll be the next Simone Biles!
  11. Oh, baby’s legs are crossed? Guess what lady, I’m not leaving here until we see this baby’s goods. I have a nursery to decorate. And a mom expecting a call with an announcement that ends in “boy” or “girl.” 
  12. Oh you THINK you see something?! Can you please be sure?? I know it makes for a funny story when you go on thinking you’re having one gender, only to find out it’s the other upon birth…but after pushing out a baby, I doubt I’ll be in the mood for a “this will be funny later” moment…
  13. Oh we’ll just come back to it? Ok, I mean, it’s not like I’m raising my blood pressure in anxious anticipation of what gender this baby is. I’m blaming you if my doctor says my BP is too high. 
  14. It’s a boy?! You’re sure this time?! Like REALLY sure??? A boy! Knox is going to have a little brother! Oh just think of the pictures in the hospital…[happy sob]
  15. I’m still a boymom! A boymom who’s closet was 95% PINK until I was about 25 and discovered that black was more slimming…and didn’t make me look like I was still in high school…hmmm
  16. I guess I can embrace this. Aren’t there cute “boymom” shirts that say funny little slogans about having all boys? Funny little slogans about the INSANITY and CHAOS of having all boys? 
  17. Well, at least we have all the clothes, and toys. And they can share a room if necessary. Bunk beds!
  18. Oh and hello matching outfits. This is going to be fab. Wait, what’s a more boyish sounding word for fab? I’m going to have to work on my vocabulary…
  19. Boymom. That’s me. A girlie, high school cheerleader, football-“disliking,” nail polish-loving, book nerd boymom. Yep.
  20. [But just in case, I’ll save my baby girl clothes for if the next one is a girl…]