What Would I Die For?


My pastor read this quote at church this past Sunday, and it really hit me. What would I die for?

The first 2 things that came to mind were my faith in Jesus Christ, and my husband, Stuart. There are maybe a few other things I would die for, including my family and friends, but realizing these were the first two things that came to mind made me very thankful. Thankful that I am in a position to be able to live out my faith in Jesus every day through my job with Athletes in Action. And thankful that I get to spend a lot of time being Stuart’s wife right now as we raise support, and are together all day most days.

I hope that all through my life, I can constantly think about the things I would die for, and make sure they are priorities in my life. Because if I would die for those things, shouldn’t I be living for them too?