Watch Knox Grow // One Month

One Month Collage

                             // one week old //                                                      // one month old //

Our little dude turned 1 month on Saturday!! It’s crazy to think that he’s already been around for that long, but at the same time, I sometimes can’t remember life without him! 

Some exciting happenings from this month:

  • Knox is becoming much more alert
  • He’s a champ at tummy time (which is done mostly while laying on Stuart or my chest, because he still bangs his head down at times, and that could really hurt on the floor…)
  • He’s beginning to focus his eyes on our faces, lights, black and white toys and black and white books
  • He’s making more noises, mostly “ahh” and “ooo”
  • He loves to eat, eat, eat!
  • For the most part is a pretty good sleeper at night 
  • He weighs about 10lbs 12oz (based on our own attempted weighing system), but we’ll find out more definite next week at his 1 month check up

Knox and Daddy CollageHe loves to snuggle with Daddy, and Stuart fed him his first bottle this weekend! (We’re trying it out since we have a long car ride out west in a few weeks…hoping bottles will make stopping less frequent.)

Knox and Mommy CollageAs for me, I am the wearer of the baby, the source of food, and lots and lots of snuggles :) I have to give a shout out to my amazing husband, who does basically everything else right now so that I can focus on Knox, and getting this whole motherhood thing down…he does the wash, the cooking, the changing of diapers a lot of the time (so I can catch my breath and do things like change my clothes and go to the bathroom…) and is getting our lives organized! 

I also have to give a shout out to my awesome mom, who will take Knox for a couple hours so we can get a nap in between feedings and not be woken up by his stirrings. For new parents, that’s basically like winning the lottery. 

So all in all, the first month has gone by so fast, and Knox is already growing and changing. We are so in love with our little man, and can’t wait to see all the new things he does over the next month! 

Knox collage


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