Watch Knox Grow // Four Months

So I am waaaaaay behind with posting this…but better late than never right? 

Knox 4 month

4 month Collage

Our little dude had a great 4 month check up! His doctor said he’s growing wonderfully, and everything looks perfect! 

Knox Stats 4 months edited

April was a good month to us with the weather warming up, and a trip home, getting to spend lots of time with family and friends! Our smiley boy had quite the exciting 4th month of life!

  • He celebrated his first Easter

Easter Collage

  • He took his first ride in an airplane to Philadelphia (and did really well…blog post coming on how to survive a plane ride with a baby next week!)

Plane Collage

  • He went to his first baby shower (yay baby girl Anthony coming next month!!) 

babyshower Collage

  • He spent time with Mimi, Papa, cousins, BFF Kenzie, and got to “meet” his newest BFF Liam (he had to stay in the waiting room with Daddy since Liam had just been born, but he was sort of there!)


  • He spent lots of time outside on walks, exploring Xenia. 

walks 4


Walk Collage


walks 1

  • He’s been LOVING playing in his bouncer and sitting up in his bumbo and frog chair.






  • He’s graduated from simple big smiles to big laughs, and babbling to mommy and daddy. He loves to stick his hands in his mouth, squeal and talk to us in the cutest little voice ever. 




  • He’s become quite the thumb sucker…sometimes even my thumb…

Thumb Collage



  • He rolled over from his back to his belly in his crib (and then proceeded to cry until I went in and rolled him back over…not quite a fan of laying on his tummy yet…)

Roll over Collage

  • And he was just plain cute all month long :)  

cute 1


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Cute 2 Collage




Cute 3 Collage

Even with the sleep deprived nights, the fussy moments, and nights I had to stay in instead of going out with friends, this boy is my favorite adventure. We are so in love with him, and enjoy every new smile, laugh and babble. It’s so fun watching him grow and seeing how he develops new skills every day! Thanks for loving him alongside us, and encouraging us in this crazy adventure of parenthood!

                          xoxo jenn


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