Watch Knox Grow // 9 months

9 months

9 month collage

[Ummmm it’s definitely getting harder to get these monthly pictures…above is the progression that took place about 849302843902 times before we got one we could use. And I emphasize that we got ONE that we could use.]

9 months. Knox has officially been outside the womb longer than he was inside. Pregnancy seemed to encompass years, while the past 9 months have felt like ONE. Time is flying, but every day is an adventure with my boys!

This has definitely been a big month developmentally…our little guy is officially CRAWLING!! It’s just insane how fast he’s growing and developing! When he was not quite crawling but getting so close, I remember being so excited for when he’d finally get it, and now I’m like, ummmm go back to being stationary please!! I remember my sister-in-law, Annie, telling me that once he became mobile my life of getting anything done while he was awake would be over. And boy is she right :) 

He’s so darn fast…literally you turn around for 5 seconds and he’s across the room from where you left him. [And most likely trying to get at something that he’s not supposed to play with…baby-proofing is still a work in progress…] But it’s so fun to watch him explore and figure out new things. [And if I really need a break…bathroom, food, or just to sit down on something a little higher than the floor, there’s always the doorway jumper! Total life saver.]

Knox Stats

We just had his 9 month doctor visit, and our pediatrician was blown away by his stats! Just 4 months ago, when I lost my milk supply, he had lost 16 ounces, putting him in the 4th percentile for weight. Now, 4 months later, he’s in the 90th percentile!!! Go Knox Go :) 

He’s in the 75th percentile for height, which has been pretty steady all along. So overall, our pediatrician was really happy with where he is size-wise and developmentally-wise, and I couldn’t be more thankful. As a first time mom, you’re new to every single step, so getting a “he’s doing great!” report from your doctor always brings a sigh of relief. [Not that I was worried about anything, you just never know!]

New stuff

As I said, Knox began crawling a few weeks ago, and more recently, he began pulling himself up. Not all the time, and he’s still pretty wobbly on his feet, but man oh man this kid is getting way too close to walking! He’s got 5 teeth, 2 bottom and 3 top, and is currently cutting another on top. [And let me tell you, teething is suuuuuper fun…] And although his first word was “mama,” he has started saying “dada” alllllllll the time. He hardly ever says mama anymore, sadly, but I suppose it’s Stuart’s turn to enjoy some recognition! He also started mimicking “dada” back to Stuart, but when I try to jump in on the fun and try to get him to mimic “mama” he just says “dada” back…not quite little man, but we’ll get there :)

Knox standing

This month has also been a big month of other “firsts,” including his first swim lessons, and his first night(s) without mommy! He absolutely LOVES to swim, kicking his little legs and swishing his arms towards pool toys. 



I think being away from him overnight was harder for me than for him, [he had daddy, Nana and Grandpa here to play with!] but it was so good for me to get away for a few days. I went to Indianapolis for Influence Conference, which is a conference that helps women figure out how they can have influence in their lives, right where they are.

It was great to be with great friends with the same missional focus, some of which I had known for years, others who I met last year and have grown close to over the year through social media. It was a weekend filled with worshipping our Lord, receiving encouragement in our identity in Jesus, and learning new ways to use the gifts and abilities God has given us to influence those around us in a positive and godly way. [I’m still working on processing through everything, and will be posting a blog post about what I learned next week!]

I was so nervous leading up to the conference, but being away helped me to remember how important my calling as Knox’s mommy truly is, and how wonderful the feeling of “I can’t wait to get home to my people” is. And it was totally worth experiencing his reaction to me getting him out of his crib the next morning…he buried his head in my shoulder, then pulled back like he realized he hadn’t seen me for a few days, reaching out to touch my face like, “is that really you, mommy?” All the heart eyes for my little man. 


And that was pretty much month 9 in the life of Knox Jeffrey Grandlienard. Now, as per usual, here are some other fun pictures encompassing his 9th month of life :)


mommy + knox


Daddy + knox



Knox is every bit the light of our lives, and immense joy in everyday life. Thanks for loving him from near or far, we are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends to share our sweet boy with through this blog. Parenthood definitely has it challenges, but loving this sweet boy has been the most fun adventure of our lives. 

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