Watch Knox Grow // 6 + 7 + 8 months

6-8 month CollageThese last 3 months have been INSANE. I haven’t always been on time with Knox’s monthly posts, but from the time Knox turned 6 months, our lives have literally been non-stop. I hate being so incredibly late on this, but in the end I simply had to give myself grace in not posting his 6 or 7 month posts on time. 

I was all set to write his 6 month post on his 6 month “birthday,” however, that afternoon we ended up at Dayton Children’s Hospital with our sweet boy. The doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with Knox at first, and to be safe they did a bunch of tests, including a spinal tap, to make sure it wasn’t meningitis. It ended up being “just” a bad stomach virus, but our poor boy had to spend the night in the hospital [in the most pathetic and adorable looking baby hospital gown ever]. 

Knox hospital

Hospital Collage

Knox man sick

From there, it feels like we traveled around the entire country- from Ohio to Colorado, to Michigan, to Pennsylvania + New Jersey, and back home. It was a whirlwind summer, and along the way, Knox grew 3 months older! Here are some updates on our sweet boy’s 6th-8th months: 

  • weight: 17 pounds (7 months)
  • length: 27 1/4 inches (7 months)
  • teeth: his first 2 teeth popped through on the bottom while we were in Colorado! (6 months)
  • he said his first word: “mama” (or more like “mamamamamama”) I don’t think he knows it’s my name, but he seems to know it has some correlation to me, and it’s probably my new most favorite sound in the world :) (7 months)
  • he sits up unassisted (7 months)
  • he’s SO close to crawling! he scoots himself backwards, rocks back and forth on all 4’s and does lots of “superman.” (7 months)
  • he LOVES to bounce and jump (6+ months)
  • he loves music toys, including a toy remote that I of course have all the different tunes memorized ;) (6+ months)
  • he loves to swim (once he gets used to the water…) (7 months)
  • he started eating solids at 6 months, and loves everything he’s been given…avocado, sweet potato, pears and winter squash are probably his favorite!
  • he LOVES to swing, and his Daddy even built a swing off a tree in our backyard for him! (6+ months)
  • he LOVES to smile and giggle, and is one of the most joyful babies I know! (ALWAYS!)

He’s an amazing little boy, and is growing up right in front of our eyes! Just this past weekend, he started standing up (somewhat assisted) at a music table his Nana got him! We love this little boy so very much! 

And now for the best part of these posts…lots of fun pics of our boy! :)










IMG_9507Cute 1 CollageCute 2 CollageCute 3 CollageIMG_9717


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