Watch Knox Grow // 11 Months

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11 month Collage

It’s getting real friends. T minus ONE MONTH until ONE YEAR.

I know this next month is going to FLY by. Partially because just when you want time to slow down, it seems to speed up, but also because we’re entering into the holiday season. When I was little it seemed like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas took 3 months instead of 1, and now that I’m an adult, and especially as a mom, it seems to take one day. I’m convinced that time looks different as a mom. It has only one speed: FAST. [Except for that time between the end of nap time and bedtime…then it has one speed: snail speed…aka BACKWARDS.]

I mean, I seriously can’t believe a year ago I looked like this: 

Pregnant a year ago

And now that bump is gone [although not as gone as I’d like! ha, #momlife] and in it’s place is a miniature person with a cute little face, voice and a whole lotta persoanlity, who looks like this: 

Knox 11 Months

 His personality seems to blossom a little more each day, and it’s simply the most fun to watch him learn and grow and explore.

He is the fastest crawler ever, loves to stand and walk holding onto furniture, doors and our legs.

He’s learning object permanence [the understanding that object continue to exist even when they cannot be seen] and will look under his bib for hidden food, around us when he’s being held if he knows Stella is in the vicinity, and up towards the staircase when he hears someone walking down. It’s just the coolest thing watching babies develop new mental skills!

He started “shooting” baskets in this little basketball hoop we have…and although I’m sure it’s still too early, definitely showing favoritism to his left hand!

He’s becoming a little bit of a picky eater, so we’re having “fun” [SIKE] playing the game, “does Knox like this food, or will he throw it on the floor…” 

He says “dada” all day long, and adds in “mama” usually only when he’s frustrated, tired or wants something. [But hey, it was his first word, so there’s that!]

Our little Knoxman has had a lot of “firsts” this month: 

  • His first trip to St. Louis to visit Uncle Deej, Aunt Annie + cousins Griffin and Levi! With a surprise appearance by Mimi!

St Louis






  • His first Halloween! [No, he wasn’t a fox!] He was the most adorable little lion ever, thanks to Mimi’s great costume find! We went to “Boo at the Zoo” with his Ghostbuster cousins…complete with the coolest homemade proton packs that played the song “Ghostbusters.” 







  • His first wagon ride! He LOVED sitting across from his cousins, being pulled around by Daddy!!




  • His first bath with his cousins 



  • His first DOUBLE ear infection…while we were in St. Louis… :(


  • His first train table, [that still needs trains…] handed down from AIA staff friends! 


  • His first “sleepover” with Nana while Daddy and Mommy went to the Bengals game.


  • His first time climbing the stairs all the way to the top! [with assistance…although he’s made it a few steps by himself before we realized, resulting in a baby gate the next day.]


  • And of course, his first pair of Jordans…thanks eBay :)


And as usual, some cute pics of our boy, just because :)

cute 11 month Collage













I am definitely getting sad that he’s almost a year old, but every new stage he’s in is an entirely new level of fun, so I know year two as a mom will be a blast. Crazy to think there’s only one more of these monthly updates on him! Although I’m sure I’ll still be posting plenty of pictures of him on here and my social media :) 

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