Watch Knox Grow // 10 Months

knox 10 months

10 month CollageThis has been a super fun month with Knox. He’s definitely keeping us on our toes, as he’s crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling himself up on anything possible, and reaching for anything and everything, which of course goes straight into his mouth! [His current “naughty” favorites…TV remotes, Stella’s tennis balls, and clean diapers…]

It’s getting sooo surreal that he’s only 2 months away from being ONE YEAR OLD. I just cannot believe it’s been that long! It’s hard to remember life without him, but I can’t get over how fast my little baby boy is growing up! We have a limited budget and I’m going to attempt to do some DIY things, so I’m excited to share his party with you! 

This month was a fairly “normal” month, lots of playing, and lots of walks outside in the beautiful fall weather. The main first was his first night without mommy OR daddy. Nana and Grandpa spent the night with him while Stuart and I went to Lexington to see Taylor Swift in concert. [Yes, I sang along to every song, and yes Stuart enjoyed himself way more than he expected to] :)

New this month: 

  • Knox is starting to associate “Dada” with Stuart and “Mama” with me!
  • He has 6 teeth! 4 on top, and 2 on bottom. 


  • He LOVES lift-the-flap books, especially ones that incorporate “peek-a-boo” into the lifting of the flap. 
  • He eats just about everything he’s given, except veggies…of course. He’ll eat them in baby food form, but that’s about it. He’s also begun the fun “game” of spitting out or dropping on the floor the food he’s not so keen on…


  • He’s in 12 month clothes, but probably won’t be for long!
  • He loves Stella…watching her fetch her ball, chew her bones, and go in and out of our baby gate that has a puppy door in it. We’re working on the concept of “petting” her since he likes to grab her hair and pull it…most of the time she just jumps and runs away from him. [They’ll be besties in a few years I’m sure!]


  • He went to his first pumkin patch, and was so enthralled with everything going on! He loved the tractor ride!


  • Even though it’s hard to tell from pictures, he’s got a good head of BLONDE hair coming in! 


  • He LOVES to “help” mommy and daddy with our work…typing on our computers whenever we get them out!


  • He’s just becoming so much more aware of his world…others around him, exploring different objects, and even being aware of emotions. I was crying the other day [probably at a sad commercial, let’s be real…] and he just looked at me like he was trying to figure out what had changed about me. 















We just love this little guy SO incredibly much, and feel so blessed to be his parents! He has brought us so much joy and laughter, and we can’t imagine our life without him! Thanks for loving him from near or far! 

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