Too Many Friends.

I used to think you could have too many friends. But with every life change (joining staff with Cru, moving to Indianapolis, moving to Columbus, switching ministries within Cru) I keep realizing my heart is bigger than I know.

Some of my best friends to this day are girls I’ve known since elementary school. And I had bucked teeth in elementary school, so I’m really lucky they even wanted to be my friend to begin with.

Then, when I joined staff with Cru (the first time) I became friends with 3 girls who 3 years later, still feel more like sisters than friends. This past February we took a girls trip to Chicago and it was just the best.

Somewhere along the way I developed this attitude that I had enough great friends and didn’t really need anymore.

Then I “joined staff” a second time. Stuart and I joined staff with Athletes in Action (I just transferred ministries) last week. And to be honest, I went into the week with really low expectations. It was only a week-long training, as opposed to the 5-week long training I went through 3 years ago. And I think I expected most of the attendees to be old…it was called “Mid-Career Training” after all.

I was wrong.

There were 4 other couples joining Athletes in Action, (and 1 that we adopted because they were previously involved with AIA) and in just 1 short week we became a little family. This group is some of the most fun, real and loving people I have ever met. And 2 of the couples will be living in Dayton and Cincinnati, so we plan on see them a lot! I’m already looking forward to our next conference in March so we can all be together again!!

Side note…how ADORABLE is little Kenna?! Being around her for a whole week gave me MAJOR baby fever.