“That” Girl.

wedding collage

I was so that girl. That girl who was CONVINCED I would never get married and would instead die alone. With 52 cats. And I HATE cats.

I didn’t really date in high school…or college…and only a little bit after college. I don’t know why, the right guy, or the could-be-the-right-guy just never came around. I had crushes, and I think guys had crushes on me, it just never ended up being something.

My friends would always tell me, “just wait, he’s out there.” Or “just wait, he’s gonna show up and bam you’ll be married.” But obviously I didn’t believe any of it.

I really did try trusting God that He had my “Mr. Right” out there, and that He just had other plans for me in the meantime. And now looking back on it, I’m glad I didn’t get married right out of college. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…God just had a different path for me.

I moved to Indianapolis all on my own, and made a new life for myself. Stood on my own two feet for possibly the first time in my life. Had to figure out all my bills, and car stuff, and housing. And guess what…I DID IT! Ok I still called my parents a LOT, but they were in Philly so I still had to do most of it on my own.

I decided that moving out on my own meant I was going to stop looking for Mr. Right and focus more on becoming ME. I found Waterline Church in Noblesville, Indiana and the people I met there became my family away from home. I felt more comfortable in my own skin than I ever had before. I LOVED Indiana. And starting September 20, 2012 I started liking it a lot more when I got a text from a guy I hardly knew asking me if I wanted to go see the movie “Moneyball” with him on a “non-date.”

In the months that followed, I found myself scared out of my mind and falling head-over-heels for the first guy that every really pursued me. My first REAL boyfriend. The first guy I ever said “I love you” to, and the first guy who ever got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

I realized I wasn’t that girl anymore. And in reality, I was never that girl. God knew. He knew Stuart was out there, we just both needed some time to prepare for each other. He knew not only did our geography need to change, so did our hearts, our minds and our faith.

Some girls get married at 20, 22 or 24. Take my family for instance…I am the ONLY woman on my mom’s side of the family who didn’t get married at 24. Crazy huh? I got married at 26. And I’m so glad I did. Cause my Mr. Right was definitely worth the wait.

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