5 Things Friday.

I thought it was the perfect time to bring back another “5 Things Friday” post! Just a random list of 5 things going on in my life that I want to share! Just because…why not? :)

  1. So, has anyone else watched an episode of Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World”? I’m not gonna lie, I was super curious about how they were going to pull it off…I used to be obsessed with the whole Boy Meets World gang.
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And Then I Got Pregnant… Part 1.

and then I got pregnant

If you are friends with me, or have read most of my past blog posts, you may have heard (or read) me say that a few years ago I was convinced I would never get married. I really did think that I was going to have to get past my hatred for cats, because becoming an old crotchety cat woman was in my future.

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