12 Things I Learned in My First 12 Months of Motherhood

12 things motherhood

It’s crazy to think that this time last year, I was hugely pregnant, super uncomfortable and had no idea that we were only a week away from meeting our sweet Knox! I’ve learned so much over the past 12 months, and could probably write a novel…but I decided to narrow it down to just 12 simple things I learned over my fist 12 months of motherhood.

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Watch Knox Grow // 11 Months

knox11 final

11 month Collage

It’s getting real friends. T minus ONE MONTH until ONE YEAR.

I know this next month is going to FLY by. Partially because just when you want time to slow down, it seems to speed up, but also because we’re entering into the holiday season. When I was little it seemed like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas took 3 months instead of 1, and now that I’m an adult, and especially as a mom, it seems to take one day.

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Watch Knox Grow // 10 Months

knox 10 months

10 month CollageThis has been a super fun month with Knox. He’s definitely keeping us on our toes, as he’s crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling himself up on anything possible, and reaching for anything and everything, which of course goes straight into his mouth! [His current “naughty” favorites…TV remotes, Stella’s tennis balls, and clean diapers…]

It’s getting sooo surreal that he’s only 2 months away from being ONE YEAR OLD.

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20 Things I Learned About Flying Solo with a Baby.


Back in April, when Knox was 3 months old, I made the insane decision to fly with him…alone. I wanted to surprise my best friend for her baby shower, and even though I was petrified to fly alone with Knox, it was totally worth it.

Knox didn’t scream the whole flight [thank goodness] but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.

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Watch Knox Grow // 9 months

9 months

9 month collage

[Ummmm it’s definitely getting harder to get these monthly pictures…above is the progression that took place about 849302843902 times before we got one we could use. And I emphasize that we got ONE that we could use.]

9 months. Knox has officially been outside the womb longer than he was inside. Pregnancy seemed to encompass years, while the past 9 months have felt like ONE.

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Watch Knox Grow // 6 + 7 + 8 months

6-8 month CollageThese last 3 months have been INSANE. I haven’t always been on time with Knox’s monthly posts, but from the time Knox turned 6 months, our lives have literally been non-stop. I hate being so incredibly late on this, but in the end I simply had to give myself grace in not posting his 6 or 7 month posts on time. 

I was all set to write his 6 month post on his 6 month “birthday,” however, that afternoon we ended up at Dayton Children’s Hospital with our sweet boy.

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Curveballs Aren’t Just for Baseball.


Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mommy, just like my mom. My childhood is chock-full of memories playing “mommy,” and mimicking my mom throughout her daily routine. I had a doll that I named, “Pretty Baby,” (I know, real original…) that I carried EVERYWHERE, and I even had a play ironing board (it was plastic…) that I’d used to “iron” Pretty Baby’s clothes while my mom ironed our family’s.

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Watch Knox Grow // Five Months

DSC_1169 2 copy


5 months Collage

I can’t believe our little guy will be a whole half year old in ONE month!! It’s been such a fast and fun five months, each stage gets better and better! There is definitely a part of me that misses my teeny tiny baby, but I can’t get enough of each and every smile and laugh coming from him! 

Knox’s big milestone achievement this month was rolling over from his back to his belly!

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15 Things I’ve Learned in the First 2 Months of Motherhood.

15 things motherhood

  1. Coffee is magic in a mug. On average I reheat my coffee 2-3 times a day before I can actually finish it between feedings, playtime and nap time, but it’s pretty much my lifeline. Thank goodness for microwaves.
  2. Recovery from birth WILL eventually come. It might not seem like you will ever be able to walk, or sit, or go to the bathroom normally again.
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Watch Knox Grow // One Month

One Month Collage

                             // one week old //                                                      // one month old //

Our little dude turned 1 month on Saturday!! It’s crazy to think that he’s already been around for that long, but at the same time, I sometimes can’t remember life without him! 

Some exciting happenings from this month:

  • Knox is becoming much more alert
  • He’s a champ at tummy time (which is done mostly while laying on Stuart or my chest, because he still bangs his head down at times, and that could really hurt on the floor…)
  • He’s beginning to focus his eyes on our faces, lights, black and white toys and black and white books
  • He’s making more noises, mostly “ahh” and “ooo”
  • He loves to eat, eat, eat!
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