What I Read: December

I don’t know about you, but to me, other than Jesus’ birth, Christmas is all about family, staying in jammies way too long and last but certainly not least, cheesy Christmas movies. 

Aka, Hallmark. 

However, we don’t have cable, and I recently learned that Hallmark’s streaming app doesn’t include any of the Christmas movies from the current year.


Soooooo cheesy Christmas books were my next best option.

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Give Good Gifts.

Have you ever gotten to this time of year and just dreaded having to figure out what gift to buy for the people in your life? You can always just ask your family what they want straight up, but there is still something fun about having some surprises under the tree.

Enter The¬†Gift Coach. My friends Joel and Elise created The Gift Coach for people who want to “give good gifts.” The fun part is that it all started when Elise created a “Welcome to the Blogging World” care package for me filled with fun blogging goodies.

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