My Uncle Robbie passed away this week. He was actually my great-uncle, my grandfather’s brother, and even though that sounds really distant, I loved him dearly. But I wasn’t the only one. My Uncle Robbie was really special to a lot of people.

Some knew him as Bob, some knew him as Robert or Robbie, but a lot of people actually knew him simply as “Chief.”


But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Life’s Too Short.


After facing the death of my grandmother last week, I’ve learned a lot of things about the effects of a loved one’s death. It can get you so down that you choose to stay under the covers all day (which I did…ok, maybe not the WHOLE day, but close enough). It can cause you to take your grief out on those you love (which I also did…sorry Stuart).

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Keep Dancing Mor-Mor.


My beloved Mor-Mor went to be with Jesus on Saturday. You may be wondering where the name “Mor-Mor” came from. You’re not alone. “Mor-Mor” is the Swedish name for “mother’s mother,” but since the name for “father’s mother” is “Far-Mor,” she chose the one that sounded a little more grandmotherly.

Now if this conversation about the name “Mor-Mor” was being had around my dad, he’d most likely go into the story of how his dad, my Papa, would always joke about wanting to be called “Much-Mor.” That story always makes me laugh, because everything I hear about my Papa, (he died when I was 2) is full of laughter, fun and love.

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