My friend Natasha recently introduced me to this fun link-up from A Mama Collective. I used to wonder how to find other blogs to follow that I would really enjoy, and have realized link-ups are definitely a great way to find awesome blogs! This link-up is basically about what’s currently going on in life, anything that’s on your mind…almost as if we’re on a coffee date chatting about life!

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Too Many Friends.

I used to think you could have too many friends. But with every life change (joining staff with Cru, moving to Indianapolis, moving to Columbus, switching ministries within Cru) I keep realizing my heart is bigger than I know.

Some of my best friends to this day are girls I’ve known since elementary school. And I had bucked teeth in elementary school, so I’m really lucky they even wanted to be my friend to begin with.

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Introducing Me.

Introducing Me

I’m Jenn. In the past few years I have moved from Philadelphia to Indianapolis to Columbus. 3 states in 3 years. It was definitely not what I planned, but it’s been a really fun adventure! Which is exactly what I prayed for in my life years and years ago. Hopefully the adventure never ends!

I’m on staff with Cru (also known as “Campus Crusade for Christ.”)

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