First Focus // September


Goals. They’re great. They really are. They help us aim for something, work for something, and feel accomplished.

However, sometimes I can aim too high, or life gets uber busy, or let’s face it, I just don’t get to it. 

So this  month, instead of monthly goals, I’m sharing some of the thing I’ve been focusing on lately. I don’t know why, but this perspective feels more like an enjoyable journey, instead of the destination of success or failure. 

After our super busy summer, it’s been SO wonderful to be home and get back to a [somewhat] consistent routine.

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You know, there’s something to be said for correspondence. The word itself sounds beautifully old fashioned, and like it should be partnered with candle light and an ink dipped quill. Well, I don’t have a quill, I suppose I could write by candle light, but no matter which way it’s done, there’s nothing like TRUE correspondence. 

NOT texting.

NOT emailing.

NOT Facebooking, Instagramming, Snap Chatting or Tweeting.

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