How my mommy meltdown saved my life and marriage.


Yes, just a few weeks ago, those harsh words came out of my mouth, directed towards my husband. He just wanted to go fishing, and I cracked. My life felt out of control and too much for me to handle all of the sudden. A simple request from him to go fishing was the straw that broke this mama’s back.

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On 2016, Mom Life and Turning 30.

Mom Life

You guys, life is just funny. I’ve recently realized that when I think I have it all figured out, I really don’t. “Mom life” is like trying to juggle 52 balls in the air, and realizing you can only handle 1 at a time. In reality, for me, that means just as I’m getting the hang of the mom thing, the rest of it just becomes really tough…being a good wife, a healthy cook/eater, keeping our home clean, trying to get the baby weight off [yes, it’s still there, a year later…] and trying to spend time doing things I enjoy like reading and blogging and showering.

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Influence Conference: In Process.


A few weeks ago I attended my second Influence Conference. This year, getting to the conference was a little more emotional, since it was my first time [ever] leaving Knox overnight. But it taught me the importance of taking time for yourself in the midst of the sacrifices of motherhood.  Those sacrifices are worth every moment motherhood brings, [even the difficult ones] but getting away for a few days to be reminded of my unique influence was incredibly refreshing. 

As with last year, the conference was an amazing experience.

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15 Things I’ve Learned in the First 2 Months of Motherhood.

15 things motherhood

  1. Coffee is magic in a mug. On average I reheat my coffee 2-3 times a day before I can actually finish it between feedings, playtime and nap time, but it’s pretty much my lifeline. Thank goodness for microwaves.
  2. Recovery from birth WILL eventually come. It might not seem like you will ever be able to walk, or sit, or go to the bathroom normally again.
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CrossFit: Cult or Community?


By now most people have heard of CrossFit. And most of the time, they’ve heard both good and bad things about it. Whether or not you’ve actually attempted the sport, you probably know it’s an intense workout involving heavy weights, weird jargon such as “WOD” and that it calls itself the “sport of fitness.” You may also know lots of people have very strong opinions about it, to the point where they claim it’s a cult.

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