Scenes from Snowpocalypse ’14.


Snowy walk

Snowy walk





  • It may have been below freezing, but the snow really was quite beautiful and serene.
  • Stuart and I braved the cold for a little walk. We may have looked crazy, but no one could recognize us anyway.
  • Sometimes you just have to bask in the quiet, peaceful scenery.
  • With no power for 9+ hours, we were REALLY thankful for a working fireplace, which gave us a warm living room to relax in.
  • With no TV, you end up doing “primitive” things like reading and playing games. It was a blast. (Although Stell looks a little bored…)
  • We got a ton of snow (more than what’s on the ruler…about 10 inches total) and my guy looks cute in Carhart…even Stella thinks so.
  • Poor girl…with how cold it is, Stella’s really been missing her daily excursions in the back yard, consisting of smelling everything, and chasing birds.

All in all, it was cold, but it was fun. And it definitely made us more thankful for electricity! Sometimes something needs to be taken away in order for us to realize how much we take it for granted. Hoping everyone is staying safe and warm!