My “Man Crush Monday.”

For those of you not on Instagram, or not “hip” with the high school trends, (don’t judge…I used to be in high school ministry) there’s a picture theme that a lot of high school and college girls (and maybe older, who knows) post about on Mondays called, “Man Crush Monday.” Well, it’s not just Mondays, there’s a theme for every day of the week: “Transformation Tuesday,” “Woman Crush Wednesday,” (more like “Woman-I-look-up-to Wednesday,” but that’s too long evidently) “Throwback Thursday,” “Flashback Friday,” and “Selfie Sunday.” I guess they take Saturday off, or else I haven’t caught onto that one…

Well even though I’ve never actually posted a “Man Crush Monday” picture, I wanted to share my own version.

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For Those “ugh” Moments.

Ever have a day where nothing seems to be going right? You look in the mirror and think, “ugh is that really me?” You have a weird moment with a friend and wonder if people really do like you. Your husband says something and all of the sudden you’re questioning his love. You look at your life and wonder what they heck you’re doing with it.

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#lifewithoutfilters: WAKE UP.

You know, as much as people dread Mondays, I appreciate the fact that it’s the perfect day to start something new. This month, I’m all about fresh starts and new beginnings, so I appreciate that each week I have an easy day to designate as the first day of something new.

I mentioned at the beginning of the month, that October was going to be a fresh start for fitness and healthy living for Stuart and me.

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Rainy days call for…Jaws?

Yesterday was a dreary, cold, rainy day in Malvern. And let’s be honest, whenever it’s a dreary, cold, rainy day all I feel like doing is staying in sweats and snuggling up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Some rainy days I don’t have this option, but luckily today, after Stuart and I got some work done (that’s right, no slacking on support even on rainy days!) we decided to relax a bit and watch a movie.

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What Would I Die For?


My pastor read this quote at church this past Sunday, and it really hit me. What would I die for?

The first 2 things that came to mind were my faith in Jesus Christ, and my husband, Stuart. There are maybe a few other things I would die for, including my family and friends, but realizing these were the first two things that came to mind made me very thankful.

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Happy Birthday Stell!

Today is our baby’s birthday! Some people view their dogs as their kids and a member of the family. Yep, we’re those people. And we’re not ashamed of it. I mean, we didn’t go as far as throwing her a doggy birthday party or making a cake, (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) we just really, really love our furball.

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Happy Fab Fall Friday!

I got a new “do” this week! A little shorter, a little more natural. I don’t know about you, but a new hairstyle kind of makes me feel like a new person, and just all around happy. I guess it was perfect timing to fit in with my fresh start this month!

Not only that, but I got to spend some time with a great friend who not only encouraged me, made me laugh hard and spoke truth to my heart, but also brought me my favorite Starbucks drink.

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#lifewithoutfilters: Just Do It.

I’ve seen some people post Instagram pictures using the hashtag, #lifewithoutfilters, and I love it. I know I’m guilty of trying to make each picture just right…taking 10 pictures of the same thing from different angles to see which one is best. Adding some cilantro as garnish on top of my pico de gallo so it looks extra yummy, only to take it off before digging in.

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I. Love. Fall.

Fall is my FAVORITE. And in my opinion, you really can’t get a more perfect place to enjoy fall than in Chester County, PA. Lucky for us, we’re going to be in Chester County for a couple months this fall. We kicked the season off well this weekend, by going apple picking with some friends. Besides the yummy apples, the orchard we went to has the most amazing apple cider donuts, and if there were any left from the six we bought, I’d include a picture…

Some other things I love about fall are:

  • sitting in my mom’s screened in porch at night in sweats, reading a good book.
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It’s been real.

This past week we were incredibly blessed to have the use of our friends’ beach house in Ocean City, NJ. It was the perfect first anniversary mini getaway! We took every advantage we could, but also spent lots of time relaxing and simply enjoying being together. Some of the things we made sure to do were:

  • Go to the beach! (Duh.)
  • Celebrate our first anniversary.
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