Learning from the Oldies.

Stuart and I have been living as “nomads” for almost two months now. He quit his job in September so we could focus our full attention on fundraising. (Which will hopefully mean we’ll raise it faster, and be able to get on campus quicker.) However, the downside is that it also means we’re making about enough money to just feed ourselves and fill up our car.

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Never Say Never.

Ok, be honest. When you saw the name of my blog post (before you saw the picture) the Justin Bieber song totally popped into your head… It’s ok, it popped into mine too.

Well, never saying never is a lesson I should’ve learned long before the Biebs ever made the term famous. But unfortunately, I’m just now realizing what the implications are of saying never to God.

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November: My Grand Art.

Art. When I think of art and being an artist, the first things to come to mind are painters, musicians, photographers and dancers. The funny thing is that I used to be both a musician and dancer. I used to play the flute, back when my arms weren’t even long enough for a full-length flute, so I had to use one that was “J” shaped.

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#lifewithoutfilters: The Humblemobile.

Stuart and I have been living on the East Coast for about a month now. Not only are we living on the East Coast, but we’re living in Chester County, PA. For those of you not familiar with this area, Chester County is the wealthiest county in Pennsylvania.

So when you think of wealthy areas, the kind of cars you’d think people would drive would probably be BMW’s, Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, Land Rovers, etc.

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Mr. Grandcolas.

Have you ever lived through a week that was both one of the best weeks and the worst weeks at the same time? Welcome to last week in my life.

Last week on the blog I talked about how I was sick with strep throat when we were in Indiana for a fundraising trip. That about sums up the “worst” part of last week…but I really was absolutely miserable.

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Sister, Sister. (Cue Tia and Tamara)

Let me just start out by saying this: The whole idea of “when you marry someone you marry their whole family,” is SOOO true. For some people, this is a bitter aspect of marriage, for others it’s the icing on the cake.

For me, it’s definitely the latter. Becoming a Grandlienard not only meant I married my dream guy, but I also gained one of the greatest families ever.

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My “Man Crush Monday.”

For those of you not on Instagram, or not “hip” with the high school trends, (don’t judge…I used to be in high school ministry) there’s a picture theme that a lot of high school and college girls (and maybe older, who knows) post about on Mondays called, “Man Crush Monday.” Well, it’s not just Mondays, there’s a theme for every day of the week: “Transformation Tuesday,” “Woman Crush Wednesday,” (more like “Woman-I-look-up-to Wednesday,” but that’s too long evidently) “Throwback Thursday,” “Flashback Friday,” and “Selfie Sunday.” I guess they take Saturday off, or else I haven’t caught onto that one…

Well even though I’ve never actually posted a “Man Crush Monday” picture, I wanted to share my own version.

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For Those “ugh” Moments.

Ever have a day where nothing seems to be going right? You look in the mirror and think, “ugh is that really me?” You have a weird moment with a friend and wonder if people really do like you. Your husband says something and all of the sudden you’re questioning his love. You look at your life and wonder what they heck you’re doing with it.

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#lifewithoutfilters: WAKE UP.

You know, as much as people dread Mondays, I appreciate the fact that it’s the perfect day to start something new. This month, I’m all about fresh starts and new beginnings, so I appreciate that each week I have an easy day to designate as the first day of something new.

I mentioned at the beginning of the month, that October was going to be a fresh start for fitness and healthy living for Stuart and me.

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Rainy days call for…Jaws?

Yesterday was a dreary, cold, rainy day in Malvern. And let’s be honest, whenever it’s a dreary, cold, rainy day all I feel like doing is staying in sweats and snuggling up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Some rainy days I don’t have this option, but luckily today, after Stuart and I got some work done (that’s right, no slacking on support even on rainy days!) we decided to relax a bit and watch a movie.

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