• Clarissa Sidhom

    I’m reading through Praying Scripture Over Your Children… So good!!

    • Jenn Grandlienard

      Ooo that does sound good! Thanks for sharing Clarissa!

  • Yay! It looks great! Can’t wait to get on my computer and dig around some more!! :)

    • Jenn Grandlienard

      Thanks friend! xoxo

  • Love love love! I just finished up Anything (yep…a little behind on the Influence book study) and now I’m doing it with a group of women in town — so, so good. Happy for you girl!

    • Jenn Grandlienard

      I’ve heard great things about Anything! I have it too, but have yet to read it. I’ll have to do it soon!

  • I literally just finished the book on the KonMari method! Amazing