Our Grand Life 2.0 // Part Two

You ready for another giveaway??? I’ll take that as a yes, [who doesn’t love free stuff??!]

I may have shared before that learning my way around the kitchen wasn’t one of those things that just came easy to me. Both my parents are excellent cooks, and have done more than their fair share to teach me how to cook, but when I got married, it still took me a long time to figure everything out. I had a real wake up call that husbands usually expect dinner before 10pm.  

Who would’ve thought…

3 1/2 years later, I’ve become pretty comfortable in the kitchen [although I must say, ever since Knox was born, Stuart has been helping more and more with the cooking, and he might just be turning into a better cook than me. And I don’t mind one bit.] ;) 

Anyway…I have some go to meals, some meals that sound fancy but are actually pretty easy to make [Thai Panang Curry] and then there’s always the telephone that is used to make some of the easiest meals ;) But for real, cooking is definitely becoming something I’m enjoying more, but there’s still one area that 3 1/2 years later, I’m still working on perfecting: MEAL PLANNING.

Time management has never been one of my strong suits, and with that comes meal planning. On more than one occasion I’ve had to run to Kroger [or send Stuart] 5 minutes before I planned on cooking dinner because I didn’t have an ingredient or two that I needed. 

So I’ve started a weekly meal planning session where I write down each night’s dinner, breakfast + lunch options and ingredients we need to buy for the week. This has helped with our budget, so I don’t buy things we don’t need, and I don’t buy a 5th thing of cumin because I didn’t think we had any in the cabinet, but we actually have like 4. 

Enter my beautiful and amazing friend Natasha Red. Her passion is cooking, gathering people around her table and helping women have less stress, and more joy when it comes to cooking. Her shop includes items that will help you plan meals, from a simple notepad to a journal that walks you through every step needed for planning a week’s worth of meals, pregnancy nutrition help, a beautiful to do list notepad, and much more! 

And today, I’m giving away one of her meal planning notepads to a lucky one of you! Because meal planning has been a game changer in my life + my family, but also because Natasha has been such a great encourager to me in blogging, in motherhood, in cooking, and in life in general. 

NR Meal Planning Notepad

And you want to know some other fabulous news?! Natasha just released her very own cookbook!! [Not to mention giving birth to her 2nd child 2 weeks ago, running her shop, and finding time to be one of my best friends ever…]

She’s worked SO very hard on it, putting so much heart, prayers, [and maybe some tears too] love and beauty into it. It’s available in print or ebook, and because she is just the BEST, she’s offering Our Grand Life readers 15% off the ebook! Just use the code grand15 when you check out. [I told you she’s amazing.]

Enter below for the meal planning notepad, check out Natasha’s website and be sure to come back to check out the last giveaway tomorrow!

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And if you haven’t already, you can still enter yesterday’s giveaway! Winners will be announced Monday!