My “Man Crush Monday.”

For those of you not on Instagram, or not “hip” with the high school trends, (don’t judge…I used to be in high school ministry) there’s a picture theme that a lot of high school and college girls (and maybe older, who knows) post about on Mondays called, “Man Crush Monday.” Well, it’s not just Mondays, there’s a theme for every day of the week: “Transformation Tuesday,” “Woman Crush Wednesday,” (more like “Woman-I-look-up-to Wednesday,” but that’s too long evidently) “Throwback Thursday,” “Flashback Friday,” and “Selfie Sunday.” I guess they take Saturday off, or else I haven’t caught onto that one…

Well even though I’ve never actually posted a “Man Crush Monday” picture, I wanted to share my own version. Now, you may be thinking it’s a little weird for a married woman to be sharing about a crush she has on a man…don’t worry, just wait for it: my “Man Crush Monday” is my very own husband, Stuart. (Surprise surprise.)

Now, before you close out this post because you think it’s just going to be a cheesy, blubbering post about how sweet and cute my guy is, there is more to it than that, I promise! (although he is quite the sweetie, and super cute if I say so myself.)

This past weekend, we drove to Indianapolis from Philadelphia to speak at our old church and meet with some friends about our ministry. The extra fun part was that once we got there, I was sick as a dog with strep throat. I didn’t know you could have strep with the kind of symptoms I had (not that bad of a sore throat…bad everything else.) But sure enough, it was strep. I woke up on Saturday and felt like I was dying. Literally. My body ached so much and my skin felt like it was crawling. It was so awful.

But Stuart took such great care of me. He not only cancelled plans with a friend to take me to the doctor because I was too weak to drive myself, but he also bought me my favorite flavor of gatorade and plain dry cinnamon raisin bagels for me to munch on when we left the doctor. (I know that may sound weird, but it’s my version of saltines.) After I took a long nap, he went to grab me some Wonton soup and watched movies with me all day.

He’s my hero.

And that’s why on this Monday, I dub him my forever “Man Crush Monday.” Love my guy! (Now that wasn’t too cheesy was it?)