Mother’s Day or ANY Day!

I didn’t really want to write this post before Mother’s Day because the items I’m writing about don’t JUST have to be for Mother’s Day…they’re perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or just because! But since Mother’s Day is coming up, (quickly!) it seemed fitting…so even if you’re not a mom, or you already bought something for your mom/wife/sister/friend, keep reading! You might want to purchase one of these for another reason or for yourself!!

Younique + SHD

Note: I am NOT being compensated financially from this post, these are just my honest opinions about these products! 

Although this is my first Mother’s Day as a mom, I have celebrated MY mom for the past 28 Mother’s Days, not to mention birthdays, and little “just because” gifts. And sometimes it’s hard to think of something unique (no pun intended…) beyond flowers + a $5 card? (Why the heck are cards SO darn expensive?!) So if you’re in the same pickle, I have some ideas for you! These are products that I absolutely love, and wear all the time, so I thought I’d share them with you! 

Younique Mascara (+ other makeup!)

Younique Mascara

My sister-in-law, Annie, started selling this miracle mascara last year, and let me tell you it has transformed my eyes. And if you know me, you know that being blonde, without makeup, my eyes have NO definition! So in order for my eyelashes to show up in pictures, I have to wear mascara. And if I want them to REALLY pop (like on my wedding day) I’ve had to wear false eyelashes, which if you’ve ever worn, you know they’re itchy and incredibly annoying!

Enter Younique! You guys, this mascara is AMAZING. Seriously. It’s all natural and gives the pop of fabulous eyelashes, but it’s NOT falsies! I used it recently for our newborn pictures when my son Knox was born, and got multiple comments on Facebook about how great my eyes looked! 


And below is Annie, showing the difference between regular mascara, (left eye) and Younique mascara (right side). Quite the difference huh?!

Annie Eyelashes

Younique sells other makeup too, (I actually love their eyeliner) but their mascara is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever used! If you know a woman who wears any amount of makeup, even if she doesn’t wear it often, this is the item for her! (Especially as an exhausted mom, with bags under my eyes, and hardly any time to put on makeup, I can forego all else, and use this stuff and I feel like a new woman!)

Order here: Younique Mascara


South Hill Designs


Now, if your lady (or YOU) is a jewelry wearer, one of my favorite new-to-me companies is South Hill Designs. It seems like jewelry that is similar to charm bracelets, without actually BEING a charm bracelet, is very “in” right now. And if you’re looking for something like that, South Hill Designs is definitely the way to go! 

My good friend Joni started selling it recently, and as a baby gift when Knox was born, she made me a necklace for my new status as “Mom.” (Isn’t she so great?!) Inside is a rose gold “mom” disc, as well as 5 charms: a cross, a “K,” a heart, a little boy with Knox’s birthstone, and a boy baby carriage. I absolutely LOVE this necklace!! There are a ton of different “filler” options, from discs like the one in my necklace that say all different things, to screens that are more like a pretty design. And then there are a TON of different options for charms, and you can mix and match them with different locket options. My mom just ordered a locket with a screen that looks like a tree, and for charms she ordered the birth stones for my brother, me and her three grandsons. (Like a family tree…get it?) I thought it was a super cute idea.  

Mom Locket

This is a great option for the designer in you! And if she doesn’t love the necklace you designed, you can always tell her she can pick and choose some other charms, discs or screens! 

And just one last thing…Joni also sent me this beautiful rose gold bar necklace. I’m super into bar necklaces right now, so I’m really excited about it! The options for bar necklaces are, “inspire,” “wish,” “family,” “love,” “mom” and “amor,” and the back has a pretty chevron-type design on it.  

Necklace Collage

Order here: South Hill Designs

Whether or not you check out these products, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! And remember, these are great for any occasion…birthdays, Christmas, or just because! (Who doesn’t love getting a personal gift just because?!)

Happy Monday!

                       xoxo jenn