Mark of the Lion.

mark of the lion

I FINALLY finished Francine River’s Mark of the Lion series. It may have taken me months to finish them, but they really were great books. As each one came to a finish, I couldn’t put them down. Seriously! I finished the last book Saturday night at 2:15am…which was actually 3:15am (thanks Daylight Savings). 

I’m not gonna lie, I’m such a sucker for series. I tend to get attached to certain characters, and when the book is over, it’s like they’ve died, and I’m actually sad…so series let me hang on to those beloved characters all that much longer. (I know, I’m a big nerd.) But seriously, in my opinion, series are just the greatest. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, yes, even Twilight…I love them all. And now I can add this series to the list. 

If you haven’t read them, you really should. You’ll fall in love with Hadassah, Marcus, Atretes and all the other wonderful characters you’ll meet in Rome, Ephesus and Germania. All three of them are such different characters, and each one of them is on a unique journey towards figuring out who they are and who God is. I know the books are fiction, but I actually learned real life lessons from each character. (You can read about one of the lessons I learned from Hadassah here.) 

From Hadassah, you’ll learn how to love unconditionally, and to trust God through even the most horrifying circumstances.

From Marcus, you’ll learn how to seek the truth literally to the ends of the earth, and to forgive even the worst grievances. 

From Atretes, you’ll learn how to be a true leader, a real friend, and someone who fights passionately for his family. 

I could probably write entire blog posts on each of them, but if you haven’t read the books, that may be kind of annoying. So just go read the books, because they’re awesome. 

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Do you have any series that you’ve read and loved?? I’d LOVE some more ideas…please leave a comment with your favorite series, or just books in general!