Make it Happen.


“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them!”

In the constant chase for perfection women find themselves worried, anxious, and completely overwhelmed. Working women want to take their careers to the next level, but are struggling to “do it all.” Stay-at-home moms look for relief from burning the candle at both ends. Aspiring entrepreneurs and artists seek the courage to jump into a new venture. Make It Happen is the tool these women need to finally let go of the chase for perfection and take the leap of faith towards God’s perfect plan.

Author Lara Casey was once a burned-out workaholic buried by debt, depression, and a failing marriage. Now thriving as a wife and mother, and running a booming business that fills her with joy, Lara is on a mission to share her experience and help readers find the spark that lives inside them. “I believe in the impossible. I’m living it,” Lara says. “Life is too short to wait to take the leap!”

Written for women who want to do it all and live a life of meaning, Make It Happen rescues them from being overwhelmed by endless to-do lists, paralyzing fears, and other obstacles that stand in the way of cultivating the rich life God desires for them.

With seasoned advice, wisdom, and encouragement, Lara helps them pinpoint what isn’t working and how to get there from here so they too can make it happen!


I first heard Lara Casey at the Influence Conference last September. You know how when someone you don’t know well, opens up to you about something very personal first, it makes you feel much more free to open up to them? That’s exactly what Lara Casey did. She was very vulnerable about some things in her past that weren’t very pretty, but have been a big part in hitting the wall that made her turn around her life. 

Her book is just like sitting down with her and having another very honest, real conversation. Throughout the book, she talks about her life and experiences, and how by learning from her mistakes and successes, we can make great things happen in our life. 

One of the best aspects of her book, is that she encourages us to stop the glorification of busy. It seems like in our culture, when someone is busy, that means they are important. But what Lara says is that when we are busy, we miss out on some of the most important thing life has to offer. “Stop and smell the roses” is an important sentiment. 

Not only does Lara encourage women to surrender the fear to live on purpose by not just doing something just to be busy, but she gives practical tools to enable us to really live our dreams. She provides guides at the end that help you to evaluate your life, clear the clutter out of your life, set purposeful goals and take action on those goals. It’s the very best part!! I really look forward to going through these not just by myself, but also with other friends I’m in community with, in hopes of encouraging each other towards living on purpose both individually and together as a community. 

I know a lot of people are against “self help” books, but this is like one I’ve never read before. You should really check it out. 


**I received this book free from the publisher through the® book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.