I don’t know why but I am super nervous about making my blog live. I’ve been working on it for a while, but sharing it with the “world” makes it more real and not just my own personal ramblings.

I have no clue how many people will actually read my blog, but I’m excited to have a space to share my thoughts, experiences and passions with anyone who’s interested! I also have a lot of long distance family and friends, so I’m excited to have a place to share with them what’s going on in our life in a way that’s a little more personal than just the occasional Instagram picture or Facebook status.

I’m so lucky to have had a TON of help developing my blog. I attended a Haute Blog workshop over the summer, which was a HUGE help in teaching me how to design and maintain my blog. Unfortunately, I am very artistically challenged and even with the immense training from Haute Blog, I still felt overwhelmed with designing my own blog.

Enter Allie. She basically designed my entire blog and added some fun extras like my Instagram pictures on the side! She’s awesome, and I’m so thankful she helped me out because I LOVE my blog now! I also looked at a ton of other blogs for ideas and tips. Here are a few of my favorites (some of whom also happen to be good friends of mine!)

There are many more, but the main point of this post was to say hi blog world! Hope you like me!

 Since I’m still new to the blogging world, please leave a comment with some of your favorite blogs!