Life Lately.

My last few blog posts have been really deep, personal parts of my life right now, which I have LOVED sharing with all of you. But today I just felt like something a little more light and fluffy was in order! So today I’m going to share some ramblings about life lately!

  • Stuart and I have recently been getting into White Collar and I am loving it. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing Kelly Kapowski back on TV?!

  • Like I said here at the beginning of November, I wanted to send some personal snail-mail cards to friends, just to say hi and I’m thinking of them. I’ve really loved doing this and seeing how God has laid specific friends on my heart who needed some extra encouragement.
  • I’m really sore today…but it’s the good kind of sore since I forced myself to do push ups and lunges after my run yesterday. (Trying to keep up with my “Just Do It” challenge from October!)
  • Even though it’s getting colder out (hello snow flurries yesterday morning) I am a holiday junkie so I’ll take it when it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming!
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, this year Stuart and I will be running a Turkey Trot and then eating turkey in St. Louis so we can hang out with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew Griffin and brand new nephew Levi! (pictured below, aren’t they just the CUTEST?!)

  • We are winding down our time in Philly, with just a week and a half left. I’m getting really sad to leave since we’ve been able to spend a lot of time with good friends and my family in this area. Dorothy was right, there really is no place like home.
  • After Thanksgiving, we will be switching homes to live with Stuart’s parents in Bluffton, Indiana, and as sad as I am to leave Philly, I am also really excited to be bunking with the Grandlienards.
  • Stuart’s sister is getting married in June, so another fun part about living with his parents is being able to jump into wedding planning with Jess!
  • This year will be my first time away from my family for Christmas, so although I anticipate being slightly emotional about that, I’m also excited to experience Stuart’s traditions with his family. And they really are the greatest ever, so I think it will be just fab.
  • I’m hoping to get through my current read, “Reconstructing Amelia” by the time it’s due back to the library next week, but reading has really taken a back seat lately. Sad, since I am a total closet book nerd.
  • Since it’s getting colder out, it’s taking 10x more motivation to work out…and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes my sweatpants and blanket win that battle. And of course snuggling with Stell.

That’s about it for now. Feel free to leave a comment about some things going on in your life lately!

Have a great Wednesday!