Learning How to Wife // Cleaning

Last weekend, Stuart and I went to Family Life‘s marriage conference, “A Weekend to Remember.” A few couples from our church all decided to go together, and it was really fun. Stuart and I attended our first “Weekend to Remember” 6 months into our marriage, so this experience was a lot different. Back then, we were figuring out all the “newness” of marriage and living life together, such as communication, daily forgiveness and grace, how best to love each other and what true intimacy means. 

Now that we’re 3 1/2 years in, all wise and sage in the ways of marriage, we realized we were still in the process of learning, you guessed it: communication, daily forgiveness and grace, how best to love each other and what true intimacy means. This time we had just added a kid to the mix. 

Before you get married, you have all these ideas of what marriage and being a wife will look like. Then you say “I do,” the literal and figurative honeymoon ends and all of the sudden you realize that reality is a bit different than what you imagined. And to top it all off, you realize you would very much disappoint Mrs. Cleaver because you are really, really horrible at cooking and cleaning. AKA you are really, really horrible at wife-ing. 

Now don’t get me wrong. When I say reality is different than you imagined, I am NOT saying I am unhappy in my marriage. Stuart is an amazing man, and I am so in love with him. But marriage is not all snuggles and roses. Some days it is! But other days it’s budgets and miscommunication and two sinners living under one roof who need the grace of God to love each other on some days. 

And in my marriage, one of the biggest things I need grace for is my cleaning. [My cooking has definitely gotten better!] It just doesn’t come natural to me. Some women LOVE cleaning. Not me. Cleaning for me, usually happens the day before company comes, and results in me being frantic and sweaty, trying to clean as much as possible during Knox’s two hour nap, and whatever else I can manage to do with a toddler running around. Not exactly the best laid plan. 

I really do try, but most days, other things just get in the way, or come up, or by the time Knox’s nap comes around, all I can manage to do is sit on the couch. Which is why when I got the chance to review a BISSELL PowerForce Helix, I jumped at the chance. I mean if you have to be cleaning, you might as well do it with a new, pretty vacuum, right?? :)



I even got Knox in on the vacuuming fun! [Don’t judge my sweats…it was a rainy day, and let’s be honest, that’s my normal home “uniform.”]




As much fun as it was to vacuum with Knox running around, honestly, I’m still not a huge fan of cleaning. But this vacuum is definitely a great option for when I need to put on my big girl boots and rubber gloves. It’s SUUUUPER lightweight, and the clear canister helps you to see just how dirty your house was OR just how awesome BISSELL is…whichever way you want to see it ;)

Literally though, my family room carpet was vacuumed, and 3 days later I went over it again with the BISSELL, and this is what it looked like JUST from the carpet: 


I promise you, if you are in need of a new, inexpensive, but powerful vacuum, this is definitely worth checking out! I mean really, it’s only $47.84!! There’s just no excuses for a dirty house when you can get a GOOD vacuum for under $50! ;)

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So all in all, I’m learning that “wife-ing,” and life in general is a work in progress. Some days you open the windows, turn on some girl pop and cleaning is “fun.” And some days it takes a shiny, new, teal vacuum that you can lift with your pinky to get you in the mood for dirt removal.