It All Started With a Mouse.

Walt Quote

Last week was a whirlwind of fun. (As I said here, Stuart and I were blessed to be able to go to Disney World with my family for free. It was an incredibly fun trip, and one I’ll remember for the rest of my life.) It came and it went way too fast, but we drank in every moment, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was so surreal walking through Cinderella’s castle with my real life Prince Charming, watching my nephew’s expression when he met Mickey Mouse for the first time (no screaming for him…just a little timid hesitation), and riding all the rides that were so magical to me growing up (Stuart and I rode Splash Mountain 5 times!). It truly is the “happiest place on earth.”

There’s a part of me that is incredibly sad our trip is already over, since I’d been looking forward to it like a kid looking forward to Christmas. But I’m also really excited for the next time (in the far future) we can go back. Even in the midst of baby fever, I was thankful that for Stuart’s first trip, we could get the most out of Disney…staying out late and being on our own schedule. However, seeing my nephew and little cousin’s reactions and expressions, Stuart and I couldn’t help but get excited to someday bring our kids there, and experience the magic in a new way through their eyes. (Like I said, far future…don’t get any ideas…)

Some of my favorite parts were:

  • Walking through the gate the first time, remembering the excitement I would feel when I was little.
  • Sitting outside our rooms at night watching the fireworks with my family.
  • Seeing how Griffin (nephew) bonded with Kyle and Sage (cousins). They were all so cute together.
  • Telling Stuart about different memories from trips when I was little…like when they forgot to take us off of Splash Mountain and we went around twice. (Best mistake ever.)
  • Getting to experience some new rides: Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Soarin, Exploration Everest. 
  • Watching the Electric Light Parade, and seeing all the little kids sitting on their dad’s shoulders, remembering all the times I’d watch it the same way.
  • Riding the Monorail…it’s not even a “ride” but it for some reason it’s still really fun.
  • Finding our family’s brick that my Pop-pop had done back in the 90’s:


  • Watching Griffin’s expression as we floated through “it’s a small world.” Especially since it was the same exact expression DJ and I had when we were his age. 
  • The Hawaiian luau the last night…even when the fire dancer licked the fire (yes, his tongue was literally on fire for a few seconds) and he balanced the lit ends of his fire baton with his feet. Gross.
  • Watching my mom go up on stage and doing a special dance at the luau since it was her birthday the next day. 
  • But my hands down favorite part was simply being with my family. It’s such a sentimental place for me, and being back there with so many people I love, was something I’ll never forget. 

Now for the fun…here are some of the pictures from our trip. I wanted to share them ALL, but settled on a handful of my favorites :) 

Cinderella's Castle

Kids at Disney



We even saw a little bit of filming for an episode of The Middle! I haven’t actually ever seen the show, but I recognized the dad from his part on Scrubs

the middle

And last but not least, one of my favorite pictures of the week, on one of my favorite rides…and yes, I was posing.

Splash Mountain