Influence Conference // Meet + Greet

Next week I’ll be heading back to one of my most favorite cities, Indianapolis, to attend The Influence Conference. Ever since I heard about this conference a few years ago, I have wanted to attend! Especially after launching my blog last year, I felt this conference would be even more beneficial for me. The conference and The Influence Network, is all about “making your online presence mean something.” Since writing and blogging have become a big part of my life and ministry, I really look forward to learning even more ways to be intentional with my online presence.

Although I’ll be attending the conference with some of my good friends, I wanted to take part in this little pre-conference meet + greet to introduce myself to some of the other attendees, and read their bios to get to know some of them beforehand.

Bio Pic

little bio //

I’m Jenn, and I blog here at Our Grand Life. I’ll be married to my studly husband, Stuart, for two years next Tuesday! In addition to our first dog-baby, Stella, we will be welcoming another bundle of joy in January! (From what I’ve heard of past conferences, I’ll be in lots of good company with many other pregnant women) :) Stuart and I are on staff with Athletes in Action, a ministry of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ, and are currently raising our financial support to fund that ministry. We’re currently living a somewhat nomad existence between Philadelphia (where I’m from), and Bluffton, IN (where he’s from). But once we’re finished raising our support, we’ll be living in Dayton, OH working with college students in the surrounding area. 

Besides my husband, pup, and growing baby bump, I also love: coffee (oh how I miss drinking caffeinated coffee regularly!) anything raspberry, CrossFit, skyping with my 3 year old nephew, Griffin (he calls me “Aunt Jeejee” in the cutest little voice ever), and dark chocolate peanut M&M’s. 

I’ve always been somewhat good at writing, but only just realized it was a big passion of mine over the past few years. Part of our ministry is writing monthly newsletters to keep our financial and prayer partners up to date on our ministry, and over the years I think that has helped me develop as a writer. When I launched my blog, it was a huge leap of faith, trusting that God would continue to shape and grow my passion and gift, as well as enable me to be vulnerable and real in order to encourage others through my writing. I’m super excited to see how this conference grows my passion even further, and challenges me to trust God to take my gift deeper than I thought possible.

what I’m most excited about //

I am so in love with my husband and adore spending time with him, but there are definitely times when I NEED girl time. (If you’re female, I’m SURE you know what I’m talking about…) So first of all I’m super excited for girl time with my good friends Elise and Natasha, since we’ll all be staying at Elise’s and commuting together. (side note: if you’re also commuting, be sure to check out Elise’s post on some tips for commuting to a conference!) I’m also excited to meet some other great women and bloggers, and glean from their knowledge and insight on being even more intentional with my online presence…especially as I enter into being a mommy blogger very soon! Not to mention, simply making new friends who share in a love of the Lord, and a love of blogging!

what I won’t leave home without //

Ok I’m gonna be honest here: totally my iPhone! I can’t wait to meet some of the women I’ve been online friends with, and put faces with Instagram handles…as well as add to the wonderful women I already follow. (Not to mention being able to send the occasional “Hi, I miss you” text to my hubs! Don’t judge me.) I also won’t be leaving home without a notebook! I’m a note-taking nerd, and love to look back on the lessons I’ve learned in the past. 


If you’ll be at the conference, be sure to say hi, and look for my prego self so I can be friends with you :)

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