Health + Fitness Book Reivews

The Lyons Lifestyle by M. Frank Lyons II, M.D.


In a country where it seems like there’s more overweight people than healthy people, Dr. Lyons offers 7 of the hardest and easiest steps to a healthy body. With diseases such as esophageal reflux, fatty liver disease, gout, kidney failure, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases and vitamin D deficiency taking over our world, something needs to change and fast. Dr. Lyons believes our nutrition can help immensely in saving us from facing one of the diseases above or others. His suggestions are straight forward, easy to understand and make a whole lot of sense! If you’re looking for a book to help change your lifestyle for the better, this is a great one to read!

The Skinny Gut Diet by Brenda Watson


It’s no secret losing weight has been a struggle of mine. So I’m very interested in different ways people promote healthy eating and weight loss. Most of them say similar things about cutting out sugar and decreasing starch intake. This book took it to the next level with addressing why your gut gets targeted with fat.

Brenda Watson explains why the bacteria in your digestion tract affect your weight, and why this fat, called “visceral fat” is so dangerous. With a lot of scientific research to back up her findings, Brenda helps readers target their gut fat, and get their digestive tract healthy again, which promotes weight loss! If you’re looking for some help with weight loss, an easy eating plan to follow, and simple steps to health, this is definitely the book to read! 

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Prime by Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D.


Taken from the back of the book: 

Integrative neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary discovered a beautiful side effect to the eating and lifestyle tools she gave her brain patients–spontaneously shedding excess pounds. In this, her first book, she shows us how to sharpen the brain, and smarten and heal the gut. Weight gain is not about the food, but about the body’s environment. Excess weight is a result of the body being in a toxic, inflammatory state. If your body is not prepared or ‘primed’ for weight loss, you will fight an uphill biochemical battle.  Her program is not about what you can’t have or do, it’s about adding simple teas and herbs, and succeeding without giving up any foods you love. With The Prime, Dr. Chaudhary has reverse engineered our way of eating, so we can stop dieting backward and start losing weight instead. You’ll learn:
–The importance of neuroadaptation, food addiction, and the brain (or, why your brain and gut have made it so hard to lose weight in the past!)
–Why it’s not about what you eat, but what you digest
–How to determine if you have a Leaky Brain—and what The Prime can do about it (hint: everything)
–How to easily crush cravings (no willpower required), ignite energy and fat, and biohack your lifestyle habits.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to live fully Primed, the secrets of the Super-Primed, and when you’re ready to explore new foods, how to eat according to your unique constitution.

I love reading new books on health and fitness. I was intrigued when I heard about Prime and how the author came from a neurologist background. His claim of repairing your body as the goal with a side effect of spontaneous weight loss sounded interesting. I was very curious! 

And now having read the book, I’m excited to implement some of his ideas. I know being healthy isn’t always about what you look like on the outside, but also what you look like on the inside. And according to Dr. Chaudhary, that’s the most important part to “easy” weight loss. 

It’s a lengthy book, so if you’re willing to put in the time to read it and incorporate Dr. Chaudhary’s suggestions, it’s definitely worth it! If you’re curious how your body works from the inside out, and how having a healthy gut can help you feel better, look better and live better I’d highly suggest this book! 

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The 4 x 4 Diet by Erin Oprea


As many of you know, my battle with my weight has been ongoing. Baby weight, yo yo diets, coming to grips with the whole “lifestyle change” concept, and finally grasping what my body needs to eat and not eat in order to get leaner. 

Well this book is super simple and straight-forward, but incredibly helpful! What caught my eye was that she is Carrie Underwood’s trainer, (and who doesn’t love Carrie’s transformation from her time on American Idol, to now?!) and claims that 4 minute workouts will change your life. Um, 4 MINUTES?! Sign me up! 

And the book didn’t let me down! She has 4 simple clean eating components:

  • cut out starches at night
  • cut back on sugar
  • cut back on alcohol
  • cut back on sodium

and follows a 4 minute, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, work out regimen. And hey, if it works for Carrie, it works for me!

I’m excited to get started on this new workout concept and see if it can help in my before 30 goal of losing 30 lbs

Check out The 4 x 4 Diet on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received these books for free from their prospective publishers for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, all opinions expressed are my own.