Happy Birthday to my STUd.

Today is my guy’s 28th birthday. It’s crazy to think I’ve only known him for 2 1/2 years, but in that time, we met, our pastor convinced me to go out with him, we dated, got married, and started this crazy journey of Cru staff life. I’m so thankful for him in so many ways, but some of the top reasons are:

  • He kills the spiders and cleans out the mouse traps for me. (Duh.)
  • He taught me enough about sports that I can fake knowledge a lot better.
  • Sometimes I even know sports stuff for real. Those times surprise even me.
  • He’s good at grilling and let’s just be honest, grilling is bomb.
  • He bought me Stella (and really, this was a gift to everyone who comes in contact with her.)
  • He’s a human map, so I never have to worry about knowing how to get places…and if you know me at all, you know I’m super directionally challenged so I’m especially thankful for this one.
  • He fixes all things technological for me.
  • He changes the oil in my car…before he came along I hadn’t gotten it done for about a year.
  • He always carries my 859320859302 lb. luggage up and down the stairs for me.
  • He lets me listen to Taylor Swift in the car…so much that he now sings along (don’t judge him, it’s his birthday.)
  • He’s my blog’s biggest cheerleader…he reads it, shares it, gets featured on it and helps take pictures for it.
  • He always says, “yes” when I ask him if I can have a pet pig someday.
  • He waits (usually patiently) for me to get ready, and has come to expect that I will be late, and loves me anyway.
  • He loves me so well, encourages me to be uniquely me, seeks the Lord for our life with me, tells me I’m beautiful everyday, and is my most perfect person with whom to spend the rest of my life.

Stuart Birthday

I’m the luckiest. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world.

Stuart Birthday

  • Happy birthday, Stuart!! I absolutely love you too together :)

    • Jenn

      Thanks friend!! :)