Happy Birthday Stell!

Today is our baby’s birthday! Some people view their dogs as their kids and a member of the family. Yep, we’re those people. And we’re not ashamed of it. I mean, we didn’t go as far as throwing her a doggy birthday party or making a cake, (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) we just really, really love our furball.

When we first got Stella she was 2.96lbs. Soooooo tiny. And now she’s…still tiny. A whopping 7.8lbs. But she’s perfect for us, and we couldn’t ask for a better pup!! Happy birthday Stella Rae, we love you!!

Stella’s first days home:

Now that we’ve had a year with Stella, we realized that she is a big ‘ole weirdo. But we love her so incredibly much and are so thankful to have such a sweet little furball in our lives!