Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.


2013 was fab. So many wonderful things happened, and the best part was sharing them with my little family of 3. Before I look forward to the 2014, (and I’m really looking forward to this year) I wanted to look back at my goals for December to see how I did!

My goals for December were:

  • Start a new workout. Stuart and I started doing Crossfit in December! We were blessed to find a gym that is giving us a “missionary discount” so we can better afford it! Our muscles are still getting used to it, and are sore most days, but we are LOVING it!!
  • Go gluten free. I am the most surprised and excited that I accomplished this!! Going gluten free has been a really great experience for me…more on that later, but I’m really proud of myself and excited to see what Whole 30 does for me next month!
  • Finish reading A Million Little Ways. I continued reading it, but I didn’t finish it. I realized it’s the kind of book best read slowly, taking each chapter to heart, and really spending time applying it to me personally. I’m really enjoying it though!
  • Continue blogging for God’s glory. This goal isn’t the most measurable, but I have loved the topics I chose to blog about over the past month. Blogging has really grown my passion for writing and I’m pursuing some more writing opportunities in other areas! (More on that when it becomes a reality…)
  • Read more/watch TV less. This one did NOT happen. Stuart and I got hooked on White Collar, and I found that I opened up Netflix more than picking up a book in December.

I’d say all in all I did pretty good for December. My health and fitness took top priority, and I continued to work on figuring out what uniquely makes me, ME. I’m loving the process, and excited about what God is revealing to me. It was definitely a good month, and a great year! Here are some of my favorite memories from the past year:


  • Our beloved furball, Stella Rae joined the fam!
  • Attended my first NFL game with my favorite sports nut… Who dey!
  • Went to Chicago for the first time for a girls weekend with 3 of my best friends.
  • My dad visited. (And Stell found a new BFF.)
  • Cooking became more of a fun passion…learning new, healthy recipes was a big part of 2013.
  • Elephants came traipsing through Grandview. No big deal…
  • Stuart was a groomsman in our good friends Joel and Elise’s wedding.
  • Attended Haute Blog, where I learned how to blog, so a dream could become a reality.
  • Wicked + my guy. Need I say more?
  • Grew our own vegetable garden.
  • Stuart got me a record player for my birthday, something I’ve wanted forever!
  • Went hiking and camping in Colorado, and then attended the Cru National Staff Conference together.
  • Stuart joined staff with Cru…completely changing our life for the better.
  • This blog went live!!
  • We celebrated ONE whole year of marriage!
  • Met our newest nephew Levi, and had the best time being “Jeejee” and “Tu” to our 2 year old nephew Griffin.

There are so many more GREAT memories from this past year…but this blog post is already long enough…

January Goals

January Goals:

  • Re-learn Spanish. My dad lent me his Rosetta Stone, so I’m hoping over the next month to hablo Espanol!
  • Fifty-Two Pages: I know there are many different options when it comes to compiling pictures and special events from everyday life. I’ve seen some pretty complex ones (i.e. Project Life) which I’d love to work up to, but Fifty-Two Pages seems pretty straight forward and easy to do! All you do is pick your favorite Instagram (or non-IG) pictures and make a collage with your phone. (PicStitch, DipTic, etc.) Print out each page and at the end of the year you have a 52 page “scrap book” of sorts displaying fun moments throughout the year!
  • Whole 30. Having successfully gone gluten free for the past month, I have more confidence that taking the plunge to do the Whole 30 Challenge is more of a reality. We are also not traveling at all in January, other than possible little trips to visit friends, so we will be able to make more meals at home.
  • Crossfit 3x a week. I want to continue making my fitness a priority, and I Crossfit is a hard, but fun way to do it!
  • Read more, watch TV less. Continued from last month, I hope to burry my face in a good book instead of staring at a screen.
  • Do some DIY projects. I have some fun DIY ideas in mind to do in the near future! Excited to share about them!
  • Strive to be a more self-less wife. I know this one isn’t the most measurable, but I want to always strive to be a better wife. Stuart is the biggest blessing in my life, and I want to make sure he knows it and feels that way everyday!
  • Be less addicted to my iPhone (and iPad, and laptop…). With so much social media at my finger tips, I find myself CONSTANTLY on my phone. Instagram, Facebook, blogs, texts, emails…it’s like a subconscious habit to pick up my phone and catch up on the “world” when I’m bored. Below I share my theme for 2014, and being on my phone less and cutting the cord of addiction to that little machine is on the top of the list.


I know there’s a good amount of goals for the next month, but my general theme for 2014 is to be intentional with my life. I don’t want to just let days slip by without doing what I purpose to do, and what I think would glorify God for that day. I want to enjoy each day and each moment, and not look to the future so much that I forget to live in the present.

I’m excited for 2014, I think it’s going to be one of the best yet!