Give Good Gifts.

Have you ever gotten to this time of year and just dreaded having to figure out what gift to buy for the people in your life? You can always just ask your family what they want straight up, but there is still something fun about having some surprises under the tree.

Enter The Gift Coach. My friends Joel and Elise created The Gift Coach for people who want to “give good gifts.” The fun part is that it all started when Elise created a “Welcome to the Blogging World” care package for me filled with fun blogging goodies. She realized she loved putting themed packages together and wa-la The Gift Coach was born! (There was probably a lot more to the process than that, but I just thought it was fun that the awesome gift bag she put together for me was part of how TGC was created!)

Stuart and I had the pleasure of hearing about TGC before it was made public. I remember Joel and Elise telling us about it over dinner, and it was clear they had put a lot of time, thought and effort into creating it and making it just right.

Not familiar with TGC? It’s a holiday pop-up shop that has 7 different gift guides for the different personality types in your life. (The website gives more detailed descriptions of each guide and the personality that inspired them.)

  • The Everyday Woman
  • The Tech Junkie
  • The Manly Man
  • The DIY/Craft Lover
  • The Food Lover
  • The Difference Maker
  • The Children’s List

I want this blog to remain a place where I am real, vulnerable and always true to myself. That being said, I wouldn’t tell you to go out and buy something if I didn’t believe in it or buy it myself! Stuart and I both bought guides to get ideas for each other. Can you guess which ones we bought?

He bought me the Everyday Woman, and I bought him the Manly Man.

I loved it! Not only are the ideas unique, they are in a range of prices so you can find something (or multiple items) to fit any budget! And a lot of the ideas come with special discount codes just for TGC patrons. It’s TOTALLY worth the $5. Or if you have a few different people to shop for, you can get all 7 gift guides for just $25. Your manly man, tech junkie, everyday woman, child or whoever you’re buying for will definitely thank you!

And I have some extra fun news! I am giving away one free Gift Coach guide! Enter the drawing below, and you could win a guide that will give you some really cool ideas for the person of your choosing! (Or you could buy it for yourself for ideas to tell your parents, in-laws, siblings, or kids!) The drawing ends on Thursday (11/22) at 12am, so be sure to enter before then! Thanks for checking it out!


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