Five Things Friday.


Today is brought to you by another 5 Things Friday post! Just 5 fun, sometimes random things going on in my life lately. 

  1. This video has been BLOWING up Facebook…and for good reason. It’s basically about “looking up” at the world around you, instead of keeping your face burrowed in your phone, computer, iPad, tablet, etc. I definitely think that social media is a great thing, but I agree with the premise of the video, that social media has definitely taken a piece of our lives away from us: true relationships. I hardly ever receive actual calls from anyone except my parents anymore. I remember in college when I’d call my best friend EVERY night to chat. Ok, that may have been a bit much, but I really miss those days when a phone was more about phone calls than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (rant over.)
  2. Stuart and I have been reading through the book of Luke together, and I’m really, really loving it!! Remember a few weeks ago when my friend, Elise, and I wrote about 3 ways to spice up your marriage? Well, I’m adding another one: study the Bible together! It’s been SO great for our marriage and our individual walks with the Lord. I love studying the gospels, because there really isn’t anything better to spend your time doing than reading the words of Jesus.
  3. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE garage sale-ing. And when I moved to Indiana 3 years ago, I discovered a whole knew garage sale-culture. Literally, garage sale-ing is like a lifestyle in this state. And I LOVE IT! When I lived in Fishers, I was introduced to the Hoosier garage sales, and now living in Bluffton, my love has only grown. Granted, most of the stuff people are trying to sell is junk, you can definitely find some treasures. Stuart and I found some fab records, books, and of course he bought some golf balls. Evidently, there’s more today, and I’m pumped. 
  4. This weekend is Mother’s Day! (If you didn’t know that, you better get moving with doing something super nice for your Mom!!) I just wanted to give a shoutout to my amazing mom and mother-in-law! I’m so blessed to not only have one, but two amazing mothers in my life, not to mention the numerous “honorary mothers” (AKA, friend’s moms) I’ve had throughout my life. God has blessed me beyond what I could imagine or what I could deserve in the mothers he placed in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you both…Love you Momma and Mary!! 
  5. And then there’s this picture. No explanation necessary :)