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Amazing Animal Facts Postcards by Maja Safstrom


I know this isn’t technically a book, but I received these postcards from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. And let me tell you, these animal postcards are the cutest ever! They’re black and white so you can color them, and they offer cute and funny facts about a bunch of different animals! 50 postcards are included, 2 of each animal. They’re housed in a nice keepsake box, arranged with tabs, almost like a recipe book. If you’re a lover of snail mail correspondence like I am, these would make a super fun way to keep in touch with family and friends with a quick “hi!” (and a less expensive stamp!)

So far I’ve sent out a handful, and my 2 year old son, Knox, has had more fun coloring the animal pictures!



He’s quite the artist, don’t you think? ;) [elephant postcard colored by me.]

Something to Food About by Questlove


When I saw that Questlove wrote a book about food, I was immediately intrigued! I mean who doesn’t love Questlove’s antics on The Tonight Show?? And this book didn’t disappoint! It’s NOT a cookbook, so if you’re looking for that, this isn’t the book to buy. It’s basically a book about what makes great chefs great. 

Questlove questioned chefs from around America to find out what makes them tick, what makes them innovative, and how being chefs teaches them about the world. It’s a great read, and a lot of fun too! 

“Food is fuel. Food is culture. Food is history. And food is food for thought.”

Check out Something to Food About on Amazon.

The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts by Maja Sefstrom


This book is seriously SO fun. I was intrigued by skeptical at first, but I was happily surprised to find most of the facts were ones I didn’t know! Such as: 

  • It is physically impossible for pigs to look up in the sky
  • There are one million ants for every human on the planet [GROSS.]
  • Female lions are in charge of the hunting, and male lions sleep up to 20 hours a day [UM can you say dead beat dads?!]

And so many more! The illustrations are fun black and white drawings, and the facts will definitely come in handy during a game of trivia! 

Check out The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts on Amazon.

Paris Street Style Coloring Book by Zoe de las Cases


Yep, I did it. I hopped on the adult coloring book bandwagon. And I’m not looking back. I colored during Knox’s nap today and it was SO relaxing! It brought me back to my childhood when I would spend HOURS coloring, making sure to stay within the lines OF COURSE. 



The pictures are intricate, but fun. Not your average clip art-ish pictures, but unique, interesting designs. Some are pictures, some are patterns. Do yourself a favor, grab some coloring pencils, and order this book! 

Check out Paris Street Style on Amazon.


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in return for an honest review. I was not paid for a good review, all opinions are my own.