Dear Mr. Knightley.

Dear Mr. Knightley

Maybe it’s because football was on ALLLLLLL day New Year’s Day, maybe it’s because this was a really good book, but I read this entire book in a day and a half. It was light, enjoyable, and happy, the perfect book to start off the New Year.

I won’t give away too much, but one of my favorite parts is that the main character, Samantha Moore, is obsessed with reading the classics, primarily, Jane Austen. She had a rough childhood, and the characters in her books are her escape. A foundation decides to give her a grant in order to go to graduate school, with one stipulation: throughout her time in grad school, she must write to the benefactor and head of the foundation. A man who mysteriously calls himself “Mr. Knightley,” referencing the character from Jane Austen’s Emma. 

The book is set up in a unique way, consisting completely of the letters she writes to Mr. Knightley. But since his anonymity keeps him distant, her letters are very detailed and confessional. It took me a little bit to get used to the lay out of the book, but I ended up really enjoying the way she wrote to him.

Like I said, I really did enjoy this book (I mean, how else would I have read it in a day and a half?!). If you’re looking for a good, heartfelt, happy-ending read, it’s definitely a good one to choose. It has some references to God and Bible verses too, but I wouldn’t consider it a “spiritual book.” I loved it. You get the picture :)


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